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Review: 2016 Angry Ant DY840 Mini Loader

Review: 2016 Angry Ant DY840 Mini Loader

Angry Ant DY840 Mini Loader: The Introduction

When purchasing a mini loader for your farm operations, one of the factors that we normally look at is the manufacturer or the brand. Basically, if the manufacturer already has a solid reputation, we can also guarantee the quality and the performance of their machine. Now, there are numerous brands on the market that you can check out if you’re in the hunt for a good loader. One of them is the Angry Ant.

The Angry Ant, particularly, is popular for their agricultural equipment that are perfectly designed to meet the needs of the Australian market. They have wood chippers and mini loaders under their portfolio, though perhaps the most sought-after is their 3,500kg loader variant. They call it the DY840. Allow me to dig into the capabilities of this model to help you determine if it’s suitable for your applications or not.

Angry Ant DY840 Mini Loader: Key Features


The Angry Ant DY840 may be compact in construction, but it is powerful enough to handle the heaviest loads. To be exact, this mini loader integrates a strong Kubota diesel engine that can punch out up to 33 hp. This comes complete with a Hydrostatic 4WD for better performance and maneuverability. And not only this, the machine incorporates a robust telescopic boom as well. This, when matched with the front articulation, can give your vehicle an outstanding agility and strength.


Its simple design makes the DY840 very easy to operate. Once you hop behind its wheels, what you’ll probably notice is its smooth joystick operation and its foot pedals and buttons. These buttons are nicely laid out for your quick reach and access.

Apart from this, another advantage of this mini loader is the fact that it is versatile. Essentially, it can work even in small and tight spaces. Thanks to its compact size and telescopic boom. It can operate with different attachments, too. That’s because it sports a quick coupling system and a front and optional rear hydraulic output.


Operating under harsh weather and working conditions is a common thing. That’s why we always have to make sure that our machinery can provide us with good levels of safety and security. With the Angry Ant DY840, you know you can operate with peace of mind because it brings this ROPS canopy for your protection. It also gets a rotating light and reversing beeper and lights.


What makes this unit even better is that you can easily repair or maintain it all by yourself. It features a pressure test connector that lets you perform quick diagnosis once a problem arises. An instrument panel complete with warning lights is present, too, along with an engine cover that you can remove without any hassle.

Angry Ant DY840 Mini Loader: Price

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Angry Ant DY840 Mini Loader: Videos

Angry Ant DY840 Mini Loader: The Verdict

With all these great features and capabilities, I can say that the Angry Ant DY840 can tackle any material handling task that you throw at it. What I personally like about it is its power and performance under harsh working conditions. Impressively, it can still run well even in tight or small spaces. It just lacks in some ergonomic design, but as long as it is safe to operate, I see no problem. This mini loader is quality engineered, too, guaranteeing you that it can give you many years of service. And before I forget, it comes with a huge 3-year warranty as well. No doubt, it is a reliable mini loader that is suitable for your demanding farm applications.

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