• June 27, 2016
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Review: 2016 Hino FE 1426 Tow Truck

Review: 2016 Hino FE 1426 Tow Truck

2016 Hino FE 1426 Tow Truck: The Introduction

An auto transport service is one of the many lucrative businesses here in Australia. If you’re also thinking of putting up one, then you only need two major things to start: a capital and some tow trucks.

Searching for a reliable tow truck to add to your money-making endeavor is actually not that tricky. You can visit local dealers and see what they can offer to you. You can as well go online to locate the different vehicle carriers that are available for purchase or you can check out our daily reviews to discover the best models currently on the market. For today, the tow truck that I will be featuring is the 2016 Hino FE 1426. Read on to find out if it is something that can suit your biz.

2016 Hino FE 1426 Tow Truck: Key Features

Engine and transmission

Hino already has a strong reputation when it comes to the production of tow trucks. In fact, as far as I know, their FE 1426 model has become one of the top choices of various companies here in Australia. Diving into its technical specifications, this medium duty rig sports a powerful 6 cylinder turbo diesel engine. This motor is capable of delivering up to 176Kw or 260 horsepower, making the truck suitable for long shipping operations.

Matched with the strong engine is the 6-speed manual transmission. When I had the chance to hop behind the wheels of the FE 1426, I was truly in awe by the performance of this gearbox. It gave us that smooth drive even on bumpy highways, allowing me to keep my eyes and full attention on the road ahead.


The FE 1426 brings an extra long 7500mm x 2490mm tilt slide with a Hardox platform. This makes it carry a wide variety of construction or farm machinery, including excavators, containers, generators, forklifts, and tractors. The rig as well incorporates a 3500kg tow bar that comes with a 12V reducer. With this, it can also be capable of efficiently hauling lightweight trucks and cars.

For superb usability, the FE 1426 sports a remote control for the winch and tilt & slide functions. It has amber beacons, too, along with a fire extinguisher, an underbody tool box, and a quick lash tie down system.


Of course, we’re all looking for a tow truck that is safe and comfortable to drive. The good thing is, the Hino FE 1426 can deliver that. Few of its safety features include the rear airbag suspension, SRS driver’s airbag, ABS


2016 Hino FE 1426 Tow Truck: Price

New: $136,841 AUD ($150,525 GST Inclusive) – Hino Geelong

2016 Hino FE 1426 Tow Truck: Videos

No videos available.

2016 Hino FE 1426 Tow Truck: The Verdict

Overall, the 2016 Hino FE 1426 has that power to handle all your medium duty towing and car shipping operations. What I personally like about it is its extra long platform that is wide and strong enough to carry diverse loads, including earthmoving equipment and light commercial vehicles. No doubt, it is a reliable truck that is very easy to maneuver. I find it ideal for general towing applications, construction projects, and major events like concerts.

brakes, and the ISRI 6800 seat that comes with an integrated safety belt. An ASR Easy Start and Take-off Assist are available as standard specs, too. Additionally, this 4×2 working dog gets electric windows, heated and electrically operated external mirrors, and a couple of multimedia features.


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