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Review: 2016 Kenworth T409 Prime Mover Truck

Review: 2016 Kenworth T409 Prime Mover Truck

2016 Kenworth T409: The Introduction

When choosing the perfect prime mover truck to invest in, first, assess the exact needs and requirements of your cargo or transport business. If some of the needs of your business is to carry tons of solid goods and pull a single trailer and B-Double combination to long distant destinations, then you probably need to go for a heavy-duty rig like the Kenworth T409. What makes this “modern workhorse” a good buy lies with its state-of-the-art features and specs. We’ll detail them one by one below before you decide to acquire it your local truck dealer.

2016 Kenworth T409: Key Features

Powered by Cummins

Whichever road the T409 takes you, you can rest assured that your oversized loads will be delivered to your desired destination safely and on time. That’s because inside is a Cummins ISXe5 engine that can punch out up to 600 horsepower and generate 2050 lb/ft of torque. Kenworth is actually the first manufacturer to introduce such motor technology here in Australia. According to them, the ISXe5 utilises the Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) for emission reduction, therefore, enhancing their renowned T409’s performance and carrying capacity (over 90 tonnes GCM), and making it suitable enough for general freight, road train, and mining applications.

Guaranteed driver comfort

The vehicle is equipped with a number of features that enhance comfort and minimizes fatigue. One of them is the ergonomically designed wrap-around dash that brings a great view of the gauges, important controls, and switches. The huge, single curved windscreen also adds to the utmost driver comfort. It gives a superior all-around visibility and a good view of the road ahead. Another feature is the “Smart Wheel”, which gives operators easy access to the engine brake and cruise functions.

When it comes to safety, the T409 doesn’t disappoint as well. Kenworth armed it with the Electronic Brake Safety Systems (EBSS) technology that utilises the Automatic Traction Control (ATC) and Antilock Braking (ABS) to enhance both productivity and accident avoidance. All these offer truckers that extra peace of mind when hauling and delivering loads to far destinations.

Spacious cab with great interior

Perhaps the best thing about the T409 is that it can be fitted with any of Kenworth’s sleeper boxes. Depending on the needs of your cargo or transport biz, you can choose to have the flat roof 28-inch sleeper, the 50-inch sleeper that comes with a full head room design, or the Aerodyne 36-inch sleeper, which is proven to be perfect in 26m B-Double applications.

Now, the inside of the cab is just captivating since it is properly decorated with essential items; it boasts of privacy curtains, luxurious seats with nice leather covers, and a convenient storage for your essential stuff.

Versatile and flexible

Similar to its predecessors, the 2016 version of the T409 is designed and engineered for maximum-length on and off-the-road operations. Being packed with aerodynamic features, an 18-speed Ultrashift transmission from Eaton, and drive axles from Meritor, this working dog is unstoppable when it comes to dealing with single trailer and B-double applications, and mining, logging, and interstate linehaul operations.

2016 Kenworth T409: Price

The average used price for a Kenworth T409 is around $125,000*. Of course, this will vary with age, condition and features.

2016 Kenworth T409: The Verdict

The T409 has gone through many enhancements and improvements since Kenworth first released it. But what makes the 2016 model better than the previous versions is its strong yet fuel efficient Cummins engine. As elaborated by those who have been able to test-drive the rig, the ISXe5 offers hassle-free driveability, especially during heavy hauls and long transport. It has consistent power delivery, that when coupled with the smooth Eaton gearbox and the top-notch comfort and safety features, can make the T409 the perfect prime mover truck for your cargo maximum payloads of your business.

Price is an average taken from data from www.machines4u.com.au. Always consult with your dealer/seller before purchasing. 

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