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Review: 2016 Sunward SWE18UB Skid Steer Loader

Review: 2016 Sunward SWE18UB Skid Steer Loader

Sunward SWE18UB: The Introduction

The skid steer market has been one of the most stable and say, entertaining equipment market over the last few years, as flocks of new manufacturers have continuously entered the field in order to showcase their own take on the usually compact but highly versatile machinery. The influx of options generally makes it better for all the operators out there, except maybe for the fact that choosing between all these machines in the market can sometimes be a little more challenging than one can imagine. That’s why we try to narrow down the options while also introducing some of the often overlooked lines of skid steers in the market. And today, our focus shifts on what seems like another promising compact unit in the: the 2016 Sunward SWE18UB Skid Steer Loader.

Sunward SWE18UB: Key Features

Steady and reliable engine

The Sunward SWE18UB impressed us on paper with its standard 1.1L Perkins 403D-11 3-cylinder, water-cooled, indirect injection engine that produces up to 14.7 kW and 220 rpm which should get you through average day to day task in your workplace with good efficiency and production. While that alone doesn’t particularly stand out in its market, the well-balanced overall design of the compact equipment lets it function with greater mobility and showcase more versatility than the average skid steer loader in its class.

Easy controls and cabin comfort

There was a time when the control system and operator comfort are being somewhat overlooked in the industry, and that seems ages ago since nearly all of the units that have been released over the last few years have significantly improved their interior design and controls. The SWE18UB is no exception, which offers a nifty set of controls that can be easily managed and accessed by the user. The spacing in the cabin looks excellent as well, providing good overall experience for the operator.

Quality and robust build

The Sunward SWE18UB packs an equally powerful build that supports its compact frame in executing some heavy-duty tasks in the workplace. In addition, even the exterior design served the machine well, providing a simplified and straightforward presentation that’s also one of the things I immediately liked when I saw it on the Skid Steer Australia website. Furthermore, the serviceable components of the equipment are well-housed but conveniently accessible for scheduled maintenance and check-ups.

Good standard features

Some of today’s manufacturers tend to tease a lot about features that aren’t outright available upon purchase of the equipment, and sometimes they tend to be the more important ones. The good thing about the SWE18UB is that it comes in already equipped with a nice set of standard features and reasonable options that make the machine more versatile right off the bat compared to the average skid steers you’ll see in the market.

Sunward SWE18UB: Price

Price: starts at $37,000 (GST inclusive)

Sunward SWE18UB: Videos

No videos available.

Sunward SWE18UB: The Verdict

The 2016 Sunward SWE18UB Skid Steer Loader can be considered among the skid steers that are resting just above the average group in the market, mainly because of its well-balanced design and combination of standard features that make it a competitive workforce right off the shelf. The machine barely offers any single feature that’s groundbreaking, but the sum of all parts makes the SWE18UB a pretty solid deal for operators who’ll be working on a budget and is looking for a pretty stable and compact skid steer loader to complement their company’s operations in the long run.

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