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Review: 2016 Sureweld 7/6036R Loading Ramp

Review: 2016 Sureweld 7/6036R Loading Ramp

Sureweld 7/6036R: The introduction

The construction industry is one of those fields that comes with a number of taxing and difficult tasks. Among them is the loading or unloading of heavy materials. Manually doing so will take a lot of time and effort in the part of the individuals. However, thanks to loading ramps, this undertaking has become easier than before.

Actually, aside from burdensome materials, operators utilise loading ramps for heavy duty equipment. These include small excavators, tractors, and other compact machinery. Despite them working “under the radar,” it’s safe to say that these ramps are very much a necessity in any work site. And because of this need for such equipment, I’ve decided to focus my review on the Sureweld 7/6036R loading ramp.

Sureweld 7/6036R: Key features

Key specs

The 7/6036R loading ramp from the “Rubber Series” boasts of a 6-tonne rated load capacity. It weighs 51 kg as it features a length of 3.6 m. It has a track width of 500 mm and a ramp width that measures 610 mm. As you can see, it is relatively lightweight. Basically, this 6-tonne model can easily accommodate skid steers, loaders, excavators, and other compact machines.

Extremely durable

We all know that Sureweld is one of the leading companies that specialises in manufacturing aluminum loading ramps. The reason for that is because they are consistent in delivering high-quality ramps to their customers. As with all of their products, this loading ramp boasts of a robust heavy duty construction. Sureweld manufactured the 7/6036R from structural-grade alloys. In essence, this will guarantee the maximum strength available. This promotes unparalleled durability, unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Not to mention that it increases longevity too so you can continue relying on this ramp for a long period of time. That is in comparison to other brands on the market.

Safe operation

For newbies in the construction industry, loading a heavy duty equipment onto trailers and truck beds can be a daunting task. But you can rest assured that Sureweld can make this operation a safe one. Since they incorporated the connecting plate and pin, this can ensure optimum safety as well as stability. These are actually zinc-coated making them absolutely perfect for loading onto flatbed trucks, trailers or tipper body trucks. Also, the 7/6036R is NATA tested and certified. So with that, I’m sure that you can feel secure in the usage of this loading ramp in your operations.


Sureweld designed the 7/6036R with the unique tread surface. This feature basically allows it to obtain the highest possible strength whilst having the lightest possible weight. It also doesn’t compromise the smoothness and the safety of the operation. Because of this, the 7/6036R loading ramp is ideal for plant hire companies, landscapers, earthmoving contractors, and even government departments. Actually, it is suitable for any application where you need to transport rubber-tracked machinery.

Sureweld 7/6036R: Price

New: $2,350 AUD ($2,585 GST Inclusive) – AVANT EQUIPMENT

Sureweld 7/6036R: Videos

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Sureweld 7/6036R: The verdict

Although some may assume that they don’t need loading ramps in their operations, these equipment are very much an essential part of the construction industry. To improve the productivity of your manpower, you’d definitely need one. Specifically the Sureweld 7/6036R. This would eliminate the need to manually load materials onto trailers. So if you want to equip your business with an affordable and practical ramp, invest in the 7/6036R. I can assure you that it is a worthy investment in this field.

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