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Review: Able Sales Australia GL12X1 Standby Generator

Review: Able Sales Australia GL12X1 Standby Generator

Able Sales Australia GL12X1: The introduction

Power outages can spell a massive loss of profits for a lot of businesses. Since electricity is of utmost importance in our society today, losing it can even be disastrous. That is if we’re talking about hospitals and the like. So it’s a must for these operations to equip themselves with reliable backup generators. And one brand that can definitely assure you of its reliability and efficiency is Able Sales Australia. I’ve featured this brand in a previous review because I was so impressed by their product. So now, I’ve decided to feature yet another equipment from them. If you’re in the hunt for a powerful standby generator, why don’t you check out the GL12X1. Don’t fret if you’re not familiar with this unit since that’s what I’ll talk about in this review.

Able Sales Australia GL12X1: Key features

Impressive power

When we talk about power, we always look to the engine. Able Sales equipped GL12X1 gen set with an OEM 4-cylinder diesel engine. This engine is water-cooled which basically means that it’s suitable for areas that experience extreme temperatures. In other words, it’s perfect for us here in Australia. In addition, it has a maximum speed of 1500rpm which ensures a stable operation.

Lastly, this 12kVA 240V single-phase backup generator boasts of a 110L fuel tank capacity and a 36-hour running time. This is also a very efficient machinery that has an average fuel consumption of 3L per hour at prime load. So in other words, there’s a guarantee that the GL12X1 can deliver reliable and stable power for a longer period of time.

Safe and quiet operation

You won’t have to worry about anything concerning safety with the GL12X1. That’s because Able Sales incorporated a number of safety features to this gen set. A battery isolator and an emergency stop are both standards in this standby generator. Aside from those, there’s the integration of the Failsafe Shutdown Fuel Solenoid system. So there’s no need to worry when you’re using this equipment.

Another factor is its low noise levels. You can continue working at peace with this quiet generator. It’s certainly distracting when we keep on hearing the loud noise coming from standard gen sets. That’s why a lot of people opt for generators from Able Sales. And the GL12X1 is no exception. It features 63dbA at 7m which makes it more silent than others on the market.

Standard features

This 12kVA generator has a lockable chassis enclosure. It also has sound deadening throughout, as well as a weather resistant powder coating. These obviously help to promote a more silent operation and durability of the equipment as well. Not to mention that there are stainless steel fittings in the GL12X1 which mean that Able Sales ensures this generator’s longevity.

Able Sales Australia GL12X1: Price

New: $6,718 AUD ($7,390 GST Inclusive) – Able Sales

Able Sales Australia GL12X1: Videos

No videos available

Able Sales Australia GL12X1: The verdict

Overall, I’d say that the GL12X1 12kVA standby generator is a true testament to what Able Sales can offer. As with the other gene sets in the series, the GL12X1 can deliver the kind of power you’d demand your applications. But aside from it being reliable, it also allows for a more stable operation. Aside from that, there are quite a lot of features in this backup generator that improve safety, efficiency, and durability. So it’s time to quit your searching once and for all because it’s high time you check out Able Sales Australia GL12X1.

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