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Review: Ag Equipment BL-018 Double Milkshake Maker

Review: Ag Equipment BL-018 Double Milkshake Maker

Ag Equipment BL-018 Milkshake Maker: The Introduction

Milkshakes are just one of those yummy beverages that are currently driving the dessert lovers mad. That’s why if you’re thinking of putting up your own local milk-bar or coffee lounge, including this drink on your menu is a no nonsense. Not only will it give your business a good start, it will also help increase your profits in no time. Now, to be able to serve these creamy creations, you need to invest in a high-quality blender that can get the job done faster. On the market today, you can actually see various models of this kitchen equipment, though if you want something that can perform quickly and efficiently, I suggest you walk right towards the Ag Equipment brand.

Essentially, Ag Equipment offers a wide array of catering appliances under their belt. One of their models that have become a top choice of many caterers is the BL-018 Milkshake Maker. Let me feature it in my today’s review, then let’s see if it can be a nice asset to your new biz.

Ag Equipment BL-018 Milkshake Maker: Key Features


The BL-018 Milkshake Maker is from Ag Equipment, which is well known in the country as the premier manufacturer of commercial kitchen and catering equipment. In view of this fact, you can truly guarantee its high levels of quality. We actually had a chance to test this model over the weekend, and what impressed us a lot was its twin blender design and its host of superb features. Upon using, it was able to give that perfect fluffy texture to our smoothies and milkshakes. Indeed, it is something that can help satisfy the sweet cravings of your customers.

Power and efficiency

This Ag Equipment’s double blender is more than just quality, it represents power, too. Particularly, it integrates two powerful motors that can deliver 300W and a speed of 2000 RPM. These, along with the dual blade design, allow it to produce mouthwatering shakes twice as fast as a single blade blender. Also standard in this BL-018 are stainless steel blades and two milkshake cups that can accommodate up to 1 litre of ingredients.

Overall design

The BL-018 Milkshake Maker has this safe and simple construction that I truly loved. To be exact, the two cups that I’ve just mentioned are removable and made from stainless steel. The entire appliance, meanwhile, is easy to operate and clean as well. It also meets the CE standards and does sport safe Australian power plugs.

Now, to complete the picture, let me tell you that this blender comes with a 12-month parts and labor warranty, too. This will not only give you peace of mind but will also ensure the durability and longer service life of the product.

Ag Equipment BL-018 Milkshake Maker: Price

New: $272 AUD ($299 GST Inclusive) – AG Equipment

Ag Equipment BL-018 Milkshake Maker: Videos

No videos available.

Ag Equipment BL-018 Milkshake Maker: The Verdict

With all these nice features and benefits, there’s no doubt that the BL-018 Milkshake Maker can be a great asset to your start-up food business. It may be quite simple in terms of design, but it has a powerful dual blade that can help you serve many glasses of milkshakes in a jiffy. Personally, what I loved most about this blender are its high-quality stainless steel blades and its 1 litre capacity cups. Indeed, the BL-018 is a cut above the rest. I find it perfect for any cafe, coffee lounge, local milk-bar, or even for domestic kitchens.

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