• June 12, 2016
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Review: Rational SCC 101G Combi Oven

Review: Rational SCC 101G Combi Oven

Rational SCC 101G: The Introduction
The variety of ovens in the market, be it for households or for commercial and professional use have really spiked up over the last few years. And one particular oven that’s been really hitting its stride during that time is the combi oven, which offers a unique ability to use three different cooking methods in one unit. In today’s catering equipment review, we’ll be setting our sights into one of Rational’s latest combi-oven to join their relatively rich product line of combi ovens and other commercial equipment. In any case, here are the pros and cons of the Rational SCC 101G Combi Oven.

Rational SCC 101G: Key Features
Simple and efficient design

Rational’s combi ovens are a picture of elegance. The equipment’s simple, but classic look gives it a timeless feel which has been practically missing in some of the other combi ovens in the market. But of course, looks are just a small part of how these piece of machinery are being judged, after all, it all boils down to performance. And luckily, the SCC 101G doesn’t slack off, offering great precision and efficiency in all cooking methods, whether its pressureless steam, convected heat, or a combination of both.

Smooth operation

The ergonomically designed Oven makes life in the kitchen much easier by providing great controls for smooth operation, while the equipment’s sleek design and manual cleaning program make it relatively easy for the operator to clean up and conduct regular maintenance for the equipment. Furthermore, a control lever for cooking modes, temperature, core temperature and time setting has been integrated for much-improved convenience and precision.

Highly versatile

The SCC 101G Combi Oven features nine cooking processes and combi steamer function with five cooking modes, providing a variety of options for the owner to prepare or personalise their food. Meanwhile, a core temperature probe with six-point measurement and a ClimaPlus humidity measurement and control allow stablised and well-calculated operation for better results and enhanced safety, making it one of the standouts in catering websites such as Ayoub Supply.

Safe and easy to maintain

In terms of safety and serviceability, the SCC 101G comes in with an array of related features such as automatic vapor quenching system, dynamic air mixing, centrifugal grease extraction system with no additional grease filter, automatic SelfClean for steam generator, automated CleanJet cleaning system, hand shower with automatic retracting system, and more. This essentially allows the SCC 101G to be one of the more serviceable equipment you’ll see from its range.

Rational SCC 101G: Price
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Rational SCC 101G: Videos
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Rational SCC 101G: The Verdict
The Rational SCC 101G Combi Oven have been designed and engineered pretty well, which can also be taken as a testament on why the Combi Plus range have expanded as much as it did over the recent years. Summing up, the equipment does seem like a very good investment, and while it doesn’t offer anything grand in terms of new features or specs, Rational still made a solid combi oven that’s both durable and productive in most kitchen setups.

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