Agrifac, a leading ag tech company based in the Netherlands, is set to hold two launch events in May to formally introduce its new AICPlus revolutionary camera spraying technology to Australia. This technology can single out weeds and spray in a contained area of 500mm.

The first launch event is to be held on the 20th of May at Tapscott’s Farm, Pingrup WA, and the second, May 24th at Beefwood Farms, near Moree, NSW.

Agrifac is planning to invite a mix of farmers, agronomists, journalists and industry experts to each event, and even interested growers and contractors are welcome to attend.

According to Mark Bastian, Agrifac National Sales Manager for Australia, “This will give them a chance to see AICPlus in action, learn how it works and talk to Agrifac’s local and Dutch representatives about the breakthrough technology.”

How Does AICPlus Technology Work?

AICPlus Camera

AICPlus cameras single out weeds as you drive, automatically spraying them. Source: supplied.

The new AICPlus technology uses an array of cameras at 3m intervals, combined with artificial intelligence that can recognise weed species and complex algorithms, to single out and spray only unwanted plants. The algorithms factor in a number of variables before spraying, including:

  • Distance from camera to weed
  • Forward speed of the sprayer
  • Boom height

These factors, and others, instruct the technology on which nozzles to open and when.

What Can This Revolutionary Technology Achieve?

So far, AICPlus underwent testing in its ‘green on brown’ phase—spraying green weeds in unseeded fields and bare soil. The results?

The system successfully targeted more than 90% of the weeds with a diameter greater than 30mm and 95% of weeds with a diameter greater than 50mm, while going up to 20km/h.

Mark reported that “the trials have revealed huge savings of water, chemical, time and money”.

Boom with AICPlus attached

Cameras attached to boom detect weeds and instruct nozzles when to open and spray.  Souce: supplied.

Trials at Beefwood Farms found that the AICPlus reduced the water usage from 929,850L of water, down to 60,400L and refills from 223 down to 12. This saved an estimated 110 hours in refill time, making it possible to treat a 1000 hectare area in a single, 12 to 13 hour day.

Of course, most farmers will care most about cost vs benefits. According to their press release, the AICPlus camera system will cost from $200,000 to install (depending on boom width). The Beefwood trial showed a chemical saving of $151,277 per season by using AICPlus.

The two launch events will focus on the breakthrough technology itself. But that may be overshadowed by the figures and potential savings AICPlus will bring.


  • 20th May Tapscott’s Farm, Pingrup
  • 24th May Beefwood Farms, Moree

If you want to attend, Agrifac is welcoming all RSVP’s until the 30th of April. RSVP to Tatiana Delendik on: or 0455 039 005.


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