In the world of 3D printing, the possibilities of what you can print are seemingly endless and the best part is, it’s never been cheaper or easier to get started yourself. How? Having companies like Objective3D already leading the way in providing the latest 3D printing technology to the Australian Market. Thee greatest challenge for 3D Printing Enterprises is no longer developing and obtaining the technology, but instead, educating the whole market on how they can utilise it.

At Austech 2017 we had the chance to interview Matt Minio, Managing Director at Objective3D, to discuss their exhibit and all the latest developments in 3D printing technology.

Q: What’s the latest in 3D printing technology?

A: The Stratasys F123 Series of 3D Printers are the newest printers on the market. It’s been onboard for a couple months now and brings in a whole new level of functionality and capability to the 3D printing range. The cost of operating is much cheaper than what it has been in the past for professional solutions and is a fantastic mid-range solution that works on multiple materials.

Q: What type of businesses/industries are using 3D Printing?

A: A huge range of industries currently benefit from 3D printing. It covers education, consumer products/electronics, architecture and even gas and mining. Basically, anyone who is designing products, producing prototypes, doing functional testing or internal and external manufacturing. Even end use parts are capable of being printed with this type of technology.

Q: How are industry enterprises 3D printing themselves?

A: We are a complete solution. We provide the machine and also have a complete manufacturing service bureau. Even prior or during that we offer a training workshop where we invite clients to come along and use [3D printers] and also learn about them. You’ll learn the theory, use the software and even learn post processing.

Q: What was the process in 3D printing this product? (image above)

A: These models came from CT Scans in the medical industry. They then convert those images into an STL File and is sent to our multi-material 3D printers.

This is the very latest in 3D printing anywhere in the world. Multiple materials and multiple colours. This is great for pre-operative surgery and planning work in the medical industry.

We print down to 14 microns (.014 of a mm) in resolution. So this is the finest you can get from a commercial grade 3D printer at the moment.

The Amazing Advancements of 3D Printing Technology
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The Amazing Advancements of 3D Printing Technology
At Austech 2017, we had the chance to interview the Objective3D group to discuss their exhibit and all the latest developments in 3D printing technology.
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