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Review: Angry Ant DY1150 Mini Loader

Review: Angry Ant DY1150 Mini Loader

Angry Ant DY1150: The introduction

If you operate a farming business or any comparable enterprise, then you’d probably find a mini loader handy, especially if you want some help when it comes to workload. This “small” machine can do a plethora of things that you need to perform even they are in the tightest spaces. And the size of the machine makes it easier to transport. Regardless if you’re moving around rocks, dirt, or pebbles from a particular area to another, or performing basically any other farming tasks, this can help you big time. And probably make you more money in the long run. On one hand, with this equipment, you don’t have to stress yourself with all the heavy lifting. On the other hand, they are not one and the same. And with so many mini loaders out on the market, finding the right one can be quite a challenge. But we’re here to help with this review of the Angry Ant DY1150.

Angry Ant DY1150: Key features

Not so mini loader

The Angry Ant DY1150 Mini Loader is the biggest among Angry Ant models. Backed with a powerful punch and added manoeuvrability of a hydrostatic 4WD and front articulation, you can say that it’s well equipped to take care of heavy loads. Plus, it is made by a company that is known for its superb engineering and quality service and parts. With this, you can be rest-assured that your equipment can give you many years of relentless service. Also, with the wide array of handy attachments out there, your Angry Ant can handle relatively any task you throw at it.

Powerful and versatile 

The DY1150 is powered by a 49 hp diesel engine that is supported by hydrostatic 4WD technology. On top of this, it has a strong telescopic boom that is backed with a durable telescopic boom. Thanks to its front articulation, this Angry Ant loader improved its level of agility and strength. Furthermore, aside from its compact size, its front and optional hydraulic output gives it a sense of versatility. Because of this and its quick coupling system, you can switch from one attachment to another in just a couple of minutes.

Safety guaranteed

Driver protection is a little something that Angry Ant put a premium on. Their DY1150 mini loader has a ROPS canopy for driver protection, reverse warning system, and rotating work light. It also has a cylinder protection that can prevent boom failure and an articulated front that can help reduce rollover risk.

Easy maintenance

Maintenance is important. We’ve heard it a dozen times, I know. But many still neglect its importance. And it’s probably due to the fact that some components are hard to reach. Well, the good news is this shouldn’t be a problem with the DY1150. Its important components are easy to reach and for this reason, cleaning as well as diagnosing them should be easy. Plus, the engine cover can be easily removed since it is only attached by four bolt. Despite this, you can be rest-assured that your safety won’t be compromised.

Angry Ant DY1150: Price

$43,900.00 AUD ($48,290 GST Inclusive) – Global Machinery Sales

Angry Ant DY1150: Videos

No videos available.

Angry Ant DY1150: The verdict

If you need help with your farming tasks, then look no further because the Angry Ant DY1150 is here to help you with your woes. With this, you don’t have to tire yourself or your employees with manual labour. To add, you can achieve this without compromising your safety, stress yourself manoeuvring the equipment, and many others. In many ways, it’s a complete package that can help take your biz to whole new level.

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