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ATV Brand Comparison: John Deere vs Kubota vs Toro

ATV Brand Comparison: John Deere vs Kubota vs Toro

When it comes to getting the odd jobs done around your farm or property, a good ATV does wonders. As their name suggests, ATVs are versatile all-terrain vehicles and are perfectly suited for carrying small loads or getting across the property in a flash.

To help you find the right ATV for your farm, we have taken a look at 3 of the most popular ATV brands on the market at the moment, John Deere, Toro and Kubota, and broken down the benefits of each.

John Deere

To start us off, we’ll be looking at one of the biggest names in agriculture, John Deere, specifically, the Gator XUV855D ATV. A full-size utility vehicle with all the power and grit to handle the odd tasks on the property, the XUV855D is a great place to start when it comes to ATV.

Gator XUV855D Specs

Engine Type 4-cycle diesel
Power 23 hp (17kW)
Max Torque 50Nm
Front Suspension Fully independent dual A-Arm with adjustable coils
Rear Suspension Fully independent dual A-Arm with adjustable coils & sway bar
Turning Radius 3.8m
Towing Capacity 680 kg
Payload Capacity 635 kg
More Specs

The powerful engine combined with the durable frame and well-designed chassis means the John Deere XUV855D can handle all off-road tasks. And, with a towing and payload capacity over 600kg, it’s more than enough to cart hay, manure, small fencing or anything else your farm needs.

For complete monitoring and information tracking, the XUV855D ATV comes standard with a digital dash. This lets you quickly monitor:

  • Fuel levels
  • Speed
  • RPM
  • Coolant temperature

It also includes a clock, trip and lifetime odometer, 4WD indicator and an hour meter.

John Deere ATV Price

The John Deere XUV855D ATV has been in production for a few years, this means it has a varied used price range. The price range for an XUV855D ATV for sale is between $13,000 and $20,000*. Of course, age, condition and use will influence the price.


Moving on, next we look at another big name in farming—Kubota. With a 21.6 hp engine and a variable hydraulic transmission, the Kubota RTV-X900 is a tough workhorse that can work on the farm any time of day or night.

RTV-X900 Specs

Engine Type Kubota D902-E4-UV, diesel 3-cylinder, 4 cycle
Power 21.6 hp (16.1 kW)
Front Suspension Independent Dual A-Arms with adjustable spring preload
Rear Suspension Independent with coil over shock
Turning Radius 4m
Towing Capacity 590 kg
Payload Capacity 755 kg
More Specs

Kubota specs are based off RTV-X900 General Purpose model

More than powerful enough to handle light–medium farm work, the Kubota RTV-X900 has limited-slip front differential for true 4WD and dynamic braking. Meaning it truly is an all-terrain vehicle.

The digital meter cluster is bright, easy-to-read and show you the important information you need to know, including:

  • Speed
  • Hours
  • Kilometres travelled

The built-in overheat alarm helps to prevent engine damage with light and audio warnings.

A heavy-duty cargo box—with manual dumping tilt—is designed to handle a range of cargo, like firewood, tools, hay, fencing supplies and more.

Kubota ATV Price

As with all machinery, pricing depends heavily on age, new or used, and any added extras you buy. A used Kubota RTV-X900 averages at $14,000.

Toro ATV

To round off the list we have the Toro Workman MDX. Built to be tough, the Workman MDX is an ATV that is designed to be used all year-round. The optional all-terrain tyres and canopy mean this ATV can handle almost any terrain and weather you throw at it.

Workman MDX Specs

Engine Briggs & Stratton Vanguard – 2-cylinder
Power 16 hp (11.93kW)
Front Suspension Independent A-Frame with coilover shock absorbers
Rear Suspension Trailing arm with coilover shock absorbers
Turning Radius 6.53 m (outside front tyre)
Trailer Towing Capacity 182 kg with standard hitch

545 kg with heavy-duty tow hitch

Total Vehicle Payload Capacity 750 kg
More Specs

The Toro Workman MDX may be less powerful than the John Deere or Kubota, but it’s powerful enough to handle day-to-day work around a farm or large property. The double-walled plastic tray provides a great payload capacity while being more affordable than a metal or aluminium option. While the four-wheel hydraulic brakes and coilover shock absorbers make driving over rough or bumpy terrain no issue at all.

Toro Workman MDX Price

A lower towing capacity and lighter materials help to lower the price of the Toro Workman MDX to make it the most affordable of the 3 ATVs we are looking at in this article. You can get a used Workman MDX for somewhere between $7,000 and $10,000*. While a new Toro ATV will cost you around $16,000*.

So, Which ATV is Right For Me?

Similarly powerful, well-built and durable, all three of these ATVs have got the stuff to handle most workloads on any property. Making the choice will come down to price vs performance for your situation. If you only need a light utility vehicle for some cargo carrying around the property, the Toro is probably enough. If you need an ATV to handle the heavy-duty towing and heavy payload carting, then the powerful John Deere XUV855D is the way to go. Or, go middle of the road with the Kubota for optimal price vs performance—there’s really no wrong answer here.

Browse through our available ATV listings and ATV auctions to find the right utility vehicle for your property.

*All prices in this article are averages taken from data from www.machines4u.com.au. Always consult with your dealer/seller before purchasing.

**Sources: www.toro.com.au, www.deere.com.au and www.kubota.com.au. John Deere product brochure, Toro product brochure, Kubota product brochure.

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