• April 24, 2017
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Australian Banana Farmers Might Love this New Invention

Australian Banana Farmers Might Love this New Invention

While some might think they’re going bananas, an island community in Micronesia have started designing unique, eco friendly green banana paper wallets. This innovative and environmentally sustainable wallet is made from the naturally discarded fibres of banana trees.

The all-natural vegan wallets created by the company Green Banana Paper come in a range of styles including a men’s and women’s wallet, as well as a travel wallet, which comfortably fits your passport, visas and all your bank cards.

The wallets are strong and durable, with the banana fibre being naturally water resistant and stain resistant so these can be easily cleaned and dried if dirty, without being damaged during the process. Proud to be able to produce the most ethical wallets on the planet, Green Banana Paper has undertaken extensive testing in the development of the green paper wallets to ensure the highest standards of quality are maintained.

Sustainable alternative to leather goods

A more sustainable alternative to leather goods, along with being hip and stylish, the wallets have intricate, island inspired designs. Some of the other products that the company are also producing from the eco friendly green banana paper are prints, paper beads, artist paper and cards.

This philanthropic business venture has had a major impact on the lives of those residing on the island of Kosrae in Micronesia, creating jobs and providing financial support for more than 100 families, along with local farmers and company employees. Company Founder Matt Simpson introduced the design concept of creating the banana paper wallet, paper, prints and cards to help support former students and the local community.

Market for products made from natural fibres

With natural fibres such as hemp being in demand world-wide, there is already an established market for products being developed from sustainable materials, especially as population growth is leading to greater concern about the loss of natural resources.  Because the wallets are 100 percent ethically produced and totally sustainable these are already receiving strong support on a global scale.

Smart investment for Australian banana farmers

As demand for the eco friendly wallets grows internationally, making products from banana fibres could become a viable investment for Australian banana farmers, especially when prices on the fruit fluctuate or crops are damaged from the elements. There is also a danger for banana farmers that even if a crop is in top market condition when picked, because bananas are easily bruised money can be lost during the supply chain process through excessive or rough handling, inadequate packaging or failure to maintain the right temperature during travelling or storage.

With the recent infection of a banana farm in Queensland that was struck by the Panama virus in 2016, finding niche industries like this to support banana farmers when crops are impacted from extreme weather or disease could be the life line needed to keep them afloat in darker times.

For the small Micronesian community of Kosrae who previously struggled to find jobs to support their families, Green Banana Paper has been the answer to their prayers. With the success of this sustainable niche industry other island communities may soon follow in their footsteps with their own eco friendly product lines.








Australian Banana Farmers Might Love this New Invention
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Australian Banana Farmers Might Love this New Invention
A small community in Micronesia is becoming renowned internationally for designing the most ethical wallets on the planet made from banana tree fibres! This could become a great niche industry for Australian banana farmers.
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