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Australia’s Favourite Japanese Tractor Brands

Australia’s Favourite Japanese Tractor Brands

When it comes to running your farm, having the right tractor is a necessity. We’ve previously looked at Australia’s top 10 farm tractor brands, but since they are gaining popularity, today we’re going to have a look at the most popular Japanese tractor brands on Machines4U—which currently make up 12% of all tractor search volume on our site.

There are a few major manufacturers in Japan, but when it comes to Japanese tractors in Australia, 3 stand out from the crowd:

  1. Kubota
  2. Iseki
  3. Shibaura

In fact, you may have noticed Kubota and Iseki were a part of our top 10 list as well. So you can see they aren’t just popular in Japan. These tractors are well-made, quality machines that can match up with the best in the world.

So let’s take a closer look into each of these brands and find out what makes their tractors so popular.


Kubota M8540
Pictured: Kubota M8540


Kubota is the Japanese tractor brand with the most listings on Machines4U. And it’s easy to see why. Quality components, long machine life and rave reviews have made them a farm-favourite for many Aussies.

Established in 1890, by Gonshiro Kubota, Kubota started as a metal casting business in Osaka, Japan. It didn’t take long before the company started producing its own range of oil-based engines for agricultural and industrial applications though, with the first products manufactured and sold in 1922.

According to Kubota, they developed and launched Japan’s first farm tractor in 1960. Which shows how dedicated they are to innovation within the industry.

For more than 40 years, Kubota has shipped their state-of-the-art tractors to Australia and around the world, making a name for themselves in the agricultural industry.


Kubota gives you plenty of choice when it comes to their tractors, with a selection of machines ranging from 18HP up to 170HP. Possibly the most popular series Kubota offers is the M series. Ranging from 50HP to 105HP, these tractors can perform multiple roles across a farm and are ideal for small or acreage landowners alike.

Within the M series, tractors like the M95X, M8540 and M9540 stand out. They offer versatility when you’re choosing the right tractor, with options like:

  • ROPS
  • Cab
  • Narrow Rear
  • Narrow Cab
  • Dual Speed

Of course, every Kubota tractor comes with its own range of benefits, and what may suit you won’t suit someone else. Whether it’s something low powered for around the property, or a high-powered, hydrostatic tractor with a hefty operating weight, there’s something for every buyer out there.

If you want to know more about the benefits of a Kubota tractor, browse through available listings here.


Iseki TG5470
Pictured: Iseki TG5470


The next Japanese tractor brand on our list is Iseki. Another Japanese company making waves in the agricultural industry.

Established in 1926, Iseki prides itself on modernising Japan’s agricultural industry. They started building tractors in 1961 and now feature a range of tractors to suit all walks of life, from lifestyle farming to commercial use.


With a variety of tractors available, Iseki has thought of almost all farmers and property types. But, when it comes to popularity, their Iseki TG series takes the crown. Ranging from 36 hp to 60 hp, these 3 or 4-cylinder tractors have enough power to handle almost every task on your property. They also come with a hydrostatic transmission, and 2 rear and 2 mid-mounted remotes, giving you flexibility when it comes to attachments.

The TG series has a lift capacity of 1270 – 1700 kg, and are available in either cab or ROPS.

As you’d expect, there’s no one-size-fits-all tractor available, and picking the right model will depend on your needs and budget. Browse through available Iseki tractors to find the right model for you.


Shibaura ST324
Pictured: Shibaura ST324


The final brand we’re looking at is Shibaura. While they may not be on our list of top 10 tractor brands, they certainly don’t fall far behind. Established in 1942, Shibaura has been making engines and tractors since 1951.

As a testament to their workmanship, in 1973 Ford contracted Shibaura to build the Ford 1000 tractor, which led to them manufacturing the 1600 and 2110 models as well—even after Ford acquired New Holland.


Like Iseki and Kubota, Shibaura has a range of tractors to suit most applications and property sizes. On Machines4U, the most popular Shibaura tractors are the ST321 and the SX21. Both of these tractors have 3 cylinder, low HP (24HP and 21HP respectively) engines.

The ST321 comes packed with a bunch of features, including:

  • Water cooled diesel engine
  • Cruise control
  • Hydrostatic power steering
  • Adjustable seat suspension
  • Foldable ROPS

Of course, the SX21 doesn’t fall behind, with features like:

  • 4WD
  • Hydrostatic transmission
  • Mid & rear PTO
  • Plenty of legroom
  • Differential lock foot pedal

Which Japanese Tractor Brand is Right for You?

When it really comes down to it, picking the right tractor for your property is going to come down to your budget, needs and property size. The individual models will affect your buying decision more than the brands in most situations, Australian, Japanese or otherwise. Of course, if you already run a fleet of Iseki tractors, it might be worth sticking to the brand you already have to make switching attachments or parts easier.

Need help finding the right tractor? Browse through our new and used listings or try your luck at a tractor auction.

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