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Review: Bromic CT0080G4BC 80L Beverage Chiller

Review: Bromic CT0080G4BC 80L Beverage Chiller

Bromic CT0080G4BC: The Introduction
Commercial refrigerators, like most equipment in the food service industry, have taken some really huge steps in terms of innovation and versatility over the last few years. And while all the fridges are made with the same key purpose, the ability of manufacturers’ nowadays to throw away some pretty handy features (or upgrades) as part of the package make the landscape much deeper and more competitive than it’s ever been. In our latest product review, I’m featuring a display fridge that slightly caught my attention from a local convenience store before I found it again in an online advertisement from the Matty’s Catering Equipment. Finally, I ended up getting a closer look at the Bromic CT0080G4BC 80L Beverage Chiller and here are some of the important facts that are worth noting about this beverage fridge.

Bromic CT0080G4BC: Key Features
Attractive design

I’m one of those people who believe that first impression matters and the Bromic CT0080G4BC does give a really nice account of itself thanks to its slick and stylish black finish that actually blends well with pretty much any themes in most commercial areas and stores. In addition, the front base panel light box can be descaled to maximise product marketing.

Impressive display

The display fridge is also enhanced by a 4-sided LED lighting in the four corners to enhance product visual display with sparkling effect to give the products a much better presentation. The beverages also stack well and the glass remains clear and visible despite very long hours of operation.

Flexible options

The Bromic CT0080G4BC also features an adjustable shelving and easily adjustable temperature control to give the owners some really convenient customization options. These features also allows the users to have more control regarding the overall presentation of the display in the fridge.

Safe and secure

Bromic’s new display fridge also offers an environmentally friendly refrigerant that is also recognized by international standards. To add to that, the classy black refrigerator also has a digital temperature display for easier and more accurate monitoring. The doors are also designed with highly durable materials while featuring a lock option for security.

One year warranty

Bromic’s reputation for innovative and robust designs adds a great touch to the CT0080G4BC. However, unforeseen events do occur sometimes and compromise even the most durable products in the market. The good thing, though, is that every unit of the CT0080G4BC is backed up by a comprehensive twelve months labor and parts warranty, which puts more confidence in the buyer and more leeway to use the equipment’s full functionalities.

Bromic CT0080G4BC: Price
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Bromic CT0080G4BC: Videos
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Bromic CT0080G4BC: The Verdict
It’s one thing to make a good impression, but it sure is another to follow through. The Bromic CT0080G4BC 80L Beverage Chiller showed a good example of that with its combination of stylish black finish, and well-documented specs and features that’s been faring really well with the current market standards. The energy-saving fridge also has great dimensions and color theme that could easily compliment most commercial setups, and that is always going to be a plus. Summing up, the Bromic CT0080G4BC seems like a very cool and viable option if you’re looking for a pretty compact, reliable fridge that could fill in that little space in the office or commercial business.

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