Narrowing down your search and looking at the Case IH Farmall tractors? As one of their most popular tractor series, the Case IH Farmall has a lot to live up to. So, which Farmall range is best for what application?

We take a look at the Farmall tractors by Case IH and discuss their designs, applications, features and more.

So, let’s jump right in.

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Case IH Farmall Tractors Overview

Farmall tractors

As one of the leading brands in ag and more specifically, tractors, Case IH really know what they’re doing. The Farmall Series has a long history; first launched in 1923, it has undergone plenty of upgrades along the way to what we have today. Case even made history by creating the first ever row-crop tractor to exceed 100 HP: the Farmall 1206.

Now, Case IH have a few series within the Farmall range, each built specifically to suit different needs.

Farmall B Tractors

B Series Farmall tractor

Pictured: The smaller of the Farmall B Series, the Farmall 25B. Source: Machines4U


First up is the smaller range of Farmall tractors.

Looking for a more compact tractor without losing power or PTO? The Farmall B series is a great option when you need something around 23 – 57 HP. Made up of the 20B, 25B, 35B, 40B, 50B and 60B models, these mini workhorses are designed specifically for:

  • Livestock work
  • Lawn care (groundskeeping & landscaping)
  • Lifestyle farming chores
  • Pulling trailers & implements
  • Front loader work

With a modern design, powerful engine, large fuel tank and ergonomic control system, the Farmall B series has a lot to offer.

Read more about the Farmall B Series here.

Farmall JX Tractors

Farmall Tractors JX Series

Pictured: The mid-weight 90JX model in the Farmall JX Series. Source: Machines4U

Next up are the Farmall JX tractors. If you have a larger plot of land, or have some chores that need a bit more power to complete, the JX Series may be for you. Ranging from 75 – 110 HP, the JX series offers more power than the B series. Within this series, you’ll find the Farmall 70JX, 75JX, 80JX, the 90JX, 100JX and 110JX models. These tractors have features and designs made to suit:

  • Dairy farming
  • Beef industry needs & farming
  • Wider agricultural needs
  • The livestock industry

Powered by upgraded 8000 series, tier-3 turbocharged engines, the JX Series provides superior power while also offering good fuel efficiency. These tractors are also compatible with a wide range of loaders and other implements, increasing versatility and reducing labour.

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Farmall C Tractors

C Series Farmall Tractor

Pictured: The monster of the Farmall C Series, the Farmall 115C tractor. Source: Machines4U

Now we’re heading into the more heavy-duty range of the Farmall Series tractors. These large tractors range from 75 – 115 HP, making these a great choice for those big chores around the farm. In this range you have the option of choosing between the 75C, 95C, 105C and 115C models, all of which come in both cab and ROPS version.

Built tough while still maintaining their sleek, comfortable design, the Farmall C tractors suit:

  • Demanding livestock duties
  • Dairy farming
  • Beef industry needs & farming
  • Larger hay operations
  • Heavy loader work
  • Other specialty applications

With a heavy-duty compact frame, these tractors are made for rugged farming, while still providing a comfortable ride.

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Farmall U Tractors

Farmall U Tractor Series

Pictured: Farmall 105U tractor. Source: Machines4U

Rounding out the Farmall tractors is the Farmall U Series. With a high power-to-weight ratio, the U Series offers versatility, power and reliability to take on the biggest ag chores:

  • Dairy farming
  • Beef industry needs & farming
  • Livestock work
  • Arable farming

Hosting just 2 models within the range, the 105U and 115U, these tractors have a reputation for handling everyday tasks as well as the more challenging work.

Read more about the Farmall U Series here.

With heightened comfort, all-round vision, powerful engines and high fuel efficiency, Farmall tractors are a great choice for a range of agricultural jobs.

Ready to take a look and see which is for you? Check out Case IH tractors for sale, or tractors at auction here.

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