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Cat 259D: Equipment Focus

Cat 259D: Equipment Focus

Caterpillar has made a name for itself when it comes to quality skid steers, and the Cat 259D—a part of their D series—is one of the most popular. Featuring a high-performance powertrain, high-flow hydraulic system and a comfortable pressurised cab, the Cat 259D is a versatile skid steer that can handle almost any task on your worksite, like digging, loading and carting.

Cat 259D Specs

First and foremost, the specs. With some redesigned components, new technology and improved safety, there’s plenty to look forward to with the Cat 259D.

Engine Cat C3.3B DIT
Gross Power 74.3 hp (55.4 kW)
Peak Torque 265Nm
Operating Weight (320 mm tracks) 4013 kg
Operating Weight (400 mm tracks) 4057 kg
Rated Operating Capacity:
   35% Tipping Load 921 kg
   50% Tipping Load 1315 kg
Travel Speed (Forward or Reverse)
   One Speed 9.5 km/h
   Two Speed 13.7 km/h
More Specs

Specs are based off the 2017 model.

Packing more than enough punch to handle most small jobs, the Cat 259D is a powerful mid-range skid steer. Of course, it’s more than just power. The standard two-speed travel means you can get around a little quicker, and the electronic hand throttle makes accelerating and driving easier.

Cat 259D Cab

Cat 259D Cab

To ensure operator comfort, Caterpillar has aimed to improve their cab as much as possible, providing a clean, quiet, pressurised environment with excellent visibility to work from. Adjustable joystick controls make it easy to switch between operators comfortably, and a convenient storage system means you can keep tools, lunches, phones or any necessities close at hand throughout the work day.

Cat has included a selection of warning system indicators as standard in the 259D, including:

  • Air filter restriction
  • Alternator output
  • Armrest raised/operator out of seat
  • Engine coolant temperature
  • Engine oil pressure
  • Glow plug activation
  • Hydraulic filter restriction
  • Hydraulic oil temperature
  • Park brake engaged
  • Engine emission system

Of course, for optimum comfort, there is an adjustable, high-back, air ride seat with mounted joysticks available as an optional extra.

Optional Skid Steer Equipment

Cat 259D

Aside from the air ride seat, there is a large selection of optional equipment for the Cat 259D skid steer, from comfortable cab extras to work tools that can shave hours off your total work time.

In the cab, keep the entertainment going with a bluetooth radio (with AM/FM/USB and auxiliary input jack). Or, to improve user productivity, get the advanced display—a 5” LCD screen which is reverse-camera ready. You can also make on-screen adjustments for implement response, hystat response and creep control.

Other optional equipment includes:

  • External counterweights
  • Rotating beacon
  • Hand-Foot style controls
  • Engine block heater
  • Speed-sensitive ride control

Cat 259D Price

The Cat 259D is in the middle of the D series of skid steers, and the price reflects that. The average price for a used Cat 259D skid steer is $51,000. However, as with all used products, this can vary depending on age, condition and attachments. You will often find 259Ds listed anywhere from $45,000 up to $89,500.

Not sure whether the Cat 259D is right for your worksite? Check out our previous article on other popular D series skid steers, or browse through skid steer auctions to see what’s currently listed.

*Prices are averages taken from www.machines4U.com.



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