• April 1, 2019
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Cat D6 XE—Caterpillar Debuts World’s First High Drive Electric Drive Dozer

Cat D6 XE—Caterpillar Debuts World’s First High Drive Electric Drive Dozer

Delivering new levels of efficiency and performance, Caterpillar has announced the release of the world’s first high drive electric drive dozer—the Caterpillar D6 XE. This range features a choice of electric drive (D6 XE dozer) or automatic power train (D6 dozer) and a completely redesigned and purpose-built VPAT. The new updated technology ensures the operator is more productive from start to finish.

According to Caterpillar, the world’s first electric drive dozer offers “up to 35% better fuel efficiency and increased agility compared to the previous 3-speed model D6T. With the increased fuel efficiency and mobility, it’s estimated buyers will see the return on investment within the first 2 years.

The Caterpillar D6 XE—featuring the cutting-edge electric drive system—is said to provide “high performance with added durability”. Cat has also worked hard to simplify the diagnostics and serviceability of the new dozer, to help reduce maintenance costs without affecting performance.

Redesigned Dozer for Faster Grading

Cat D6 XE grading dirt

To ensure maximum performance, Cat has redesigned the Variable Power Angle Tilt (VPAT) dozer to be stronger yet lighter, removing the need for a rear implement or counterweight. In their press release Caterpillar states:

A wide gauge LGP VPAT design, with 915mm centered shoes, puts more track on the ground to achieve 0.73 kPa (5 psi) ground pressure. Wider VPAT blade and class-leading range of motion improve performance, especially in trenching and backfilling applications. A new optional finish grading undercarriage has 10 bottom rollers for smoother grades at higher speeds, even in difficult surfaces like sand and gravel.

The Caterpillar D6 XE Reduces Service Costs

The Cat D6 XE reduces maintenance costs

Thanks to a comprehensive overhaul and redesign, the new D6 and D6 XE have a reduced service and maintenance cost of about 12% (compared to the previous model). Updated features that assist with maintenance costs include:

  • Longer service intervals
  • Fewer scheduled maintenance tasks
  • Easy access to grouped service points

To help with reducing costs, Cat has updated the undercarriage to feature Positive Pin Retention pins as well as link improvements that are estimated to provide “up to 20% more seal life in high impact conditions”.

New Technology in the Cat D6 XE

Improved technology in the Cat D6 XE

There’s a range of optional technology with all Cat D6/D6 XE dozers, including:

  • Cat Slope Indicate—intuitive indication of slope gradients
  • Cat GRADE with Slope Assist—automatically maintains pre-established blade position without GPS
  • Product Link—automatic & accurate collection of data
  • VisionLink—remote access to view information anytime, anywhere

A Fully Redesigned Cab

Cat has also redesigned their cab in an effort to set the standard for comfort and productivity. It includes a new 254mm touchscreen display, air suspension seat with added backward adjustment, and heated/cooled leather seat options.

The new Caterpillar D6/D6 XE is a nice update from their previous models. The new electric drive, redesigned cab, and reduced service and maintenance costs make the Cat D6 XE worth considering.

Caterpillar D6 XE Specifications

  • Engine: Cat C9.3B
  • Power Train: Electric Drive or Fully Automatic 4-Speed
  • Emission: Eu Stage V, U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final
  • Net Power: 161kW (D6) – 215-219HP (D6 XE)
  • Operating Weight (Standard): 21,749kg (D6) 22,021kg (D6 XE)
  • Blade Capacity: 3.8m3+ (depending on attachment)
Engine Cat C9.3B
Power Train Electric Drive or Fully Automatic 4-Speed
Emission EU Stage V, U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final
Net Power 161kW (D6)      215-219hp (D6 XE)
Operating Weight (standard) 21,749kg (D6)      22,021 (D6 XE)
Blade Capacity 3.8m3+ (depending on attachment)

If you’re looking for a new dozer for your project, browse our available Caterpillar dozers to find the right model for your worksite, or browse our entire range of dozer auctions here.  

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