• April 8, 2019
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Caterpillar Release New 120 Motor Grader

Caterpillar Release New 120 Motor Grader

Caterpillar has announced a new addition to their range of motor graders—the Cat 120 Motor Grader. Designed to use 15% less fuel when paired with the standard ECO mode, the Cat 120 also features new filtration technology that can save owners up to 15% in maintenance costs.

Caterpillar has redesigned the cab to provide increased comfort and the range of optional controls are designed to make the 120 motor grader easier to drive than previous models.

You have a choice between joysticks or traditional steering wheel and lever controls in the cab. All controls are adjustable to suit the operator. The cab also features a heating and cooling system that dehumidifies and pressurises the cab, giving the operator optimal comfort all day long.

As Caterpillar state:

“Joystick controls reduce hand and arm movement up to 78 percent. Work without the fatigue of added arm movement using joystick controls. Technology options are integrated into the joysticks to make it a seamless motion.”

To make maintenance easier, the Cat 120 motor grader has all the filters in a central location for easy access. This helps reduce your maintenance costs and increase productivity.

“Save up to 20 percent in labor costs with conveniently located wear inserts using the top adjust drawbar circle option for maximum tightness and precision grading.”

What’s New

There is also a complete selection of Cat GRADE technologies available, suited to a range of needs and budgets. Optional technologies include:

  • Cross Slope
  • Cross Slope Indicate
  • Digital Blade Slope Meter
  • Attachment-Ready Option

For better traction and productivity, Caterpillar has added an all-wheel-drive system with a front wheel-only creep that helps the operator get more precise grading. This feature also helps with traction and maneuvering on loose material.

Cat put a spotlight on operator safety and have added a standard second-steering system which automatically activates if the main-pump pressure drops. The revamped cab also features an innovative new rear window design which helps to improve visibility for the operator.

The powerful Cat C7.1 engine delivers up to 165 hp as standard and 189 hp in all-wheel-drive.

Engine Cat C7.1
Net Power 139 hp-165 hp (104 kW-123kW)
All-Wheel-Drive Net Power 145 hp-189 hp (108 kW-141 kW)
Max Torque 822 Nm
Typically Equipped Machine Weight:
Lever/Steering Wheel 15,906 kg
Joystick 16,038 kg
Lever/Steering Wheel All-Wheel-Drive 16,661 kg
Joystick All-Wheel-Drive 16,713 kg

Download the brochure for more specs and product information.

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Read the full press release here.

Sources: https://www.cat.com/en_AU/news/machine-press-releases/the-new-next-generation-cat-120-motor-grader-designed-to-elevate-production-and-lower-costs.html 


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