Fiction is full of fantastic characters who can bend metal with their bare hands: Superman, Magneto, Bender. But, in real life, we rely on press brakes when we want sheetmetal bent accurately and quickly. If you’re on the hunt for a new machine, the latest one to hit the market is the Complete Machine Tools (CMT) Synchro Press Brake.

While it probably won’t ever appear in a big-screen adaptation, CMT’s Synchro Press Brake does feature an impressive technological cast:

  • iCON controller;
  • Defender Plus optical protection;
  • Schneider Electrics electrical system;
  • Argo-Hytos hydraulics;
  • Eckerle pump.

What the “new-school” machines can do

When bending with an old-school press brake, your ram deflects perpendicular to the bed. This results in bend-angle variations along the length of the part. CMT’s all new I-Con CNC-controlled machine features a mechanical crowning system which automatically deflects the bed in parallel with the ram. This gives you consistent bend angles along the full length of the work piece. Every time.

The Australian made I-Con CNC controller puts you into production quickly and simply with either shape selection from the on board library or you can draw the part right there on screen with dimensions and bend angles entered as you go.

No need to be a computer guru to make this machine do your job. It’s easy to master and produce high quality work.

The machine’s safety guards have quick-adjust brackets so adjustments can be done in just a few seconds. Because of CMT’s choice of components, the new I-Con CNC press brake will be accurate, reliable and producing quality parts for years to come.

As far as its own workings go, the new I-Con CNC press brake uses quality parts which are also readily available in Australia. CMT also offer comprehensive service and support to all machines in the range.



Defender Plus press brake guarding system

The Synchro comes with a brand new press brake guarding system designed to protect the operator while also optimising the machine’s performance and productivity. Using a continuous dual-laser field, Defender Plus can “see” if something (like a human hand) gets between the punch tip and the work piece. This means you can hold the part, while working at high speed, safe in the knowledge the machine will stop if anything goes wrong.

You get unrestricted access to your work space and can hold the part as close as 20mm to the bend line. Apart from improving productivity, this frees you up to determine your working position based on comfort rather than safety requirements.

The graphic interface displays the system status in real time, allowing you to monitor your work. The machine even gives instructions and messages to simplify operation.

Defender plus system
The Synchro is versatile with multiple modes to suit any work piece profile. Selecting the one best suited to your job will tailor the machine’s settings, giving you improved performance and productivity. Complex shapes are easy to produce with use of the “Tray/Box” and “Field Muted” modes. The Defender Plus laser guard will detect the material’s position, and all you have to do is confirm the mute point.

If you’d like to see the machine in action for yourself, Complete Machine Tools offer demonstrations by appointment (click here for more about the machine and CMT’s contact details).

CMT Releases New Press Brake with Defender Plus Guarding System
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CMT Releases New Press Brake with Defender Plus Guarding System
If you're on the hunt for a new CNC press brake machine, the latest one to hit the market is the Complete Machine Tools (CMT) Synchro Press Brake.
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