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Review: Sanremo Verona TCS 2 Group Coffee Machine

Review: Sanremo Verona TCS 2 Group Coffee Machine

Sanremo Verona TCS 2: The introduction

One of the most booming money-making endeavours out there is the coffee shop business. It doesn’t matter what part of the world you’re in because there will always be a coffee shop nearby. Countless individuals have franchised or started their own to accommodate the mass population and the still growing number of coffee lovers out there. If you’re one of those people who would like to be part of this industry, why don’t you check out today’s review and determine if the Sanremo Verona TCS 2 Group coffee machine is for you.

Sanremo Verona TCS 2: Key features

TCS technology

Added to the traditional system of producing steam and water for hot beverages is the core of this machine which is the Temperature Control System (TCS). It comprises a separate boiler for each group or station which enables you to use each group at a specific and stable temperature to obtain optimum and consistent brewing results. It is also tailored to work with different blends of coffee. The TCS ensures high stability and temperature accuracy for each unit with its high-tech electronic control that has a sensitivity of approximately  ± 0.5°C. To obtain the best result possible every time, you can adjust the temperature of the water dispensed for each individual unit to adapt to the characteristics of the coffee to be used.

Unique design

This coffee machine may appear to be so vintage, but don’t let the looks fool you since it is equipped with all the power and the reliability of a modern Sanremo machine. Enclosed within its retro frame is its speedy core that makes the TCS a perfect combination of classic elegance and cutting-edge technology.

Quality drinks all the time

There is a large boiler dedicated to the production of steam that allows the said gas to be used intensively, like in producing large quantities of cappuccinos without affecting the quality of coffee extraction in any way. The Verona TCS also uses fresh water directly from the mains supply instead of the boiler to make tea or other drinks that require hot water which ultimately produces top-notched drinks every time.

Top level functionality

Sanremo integrated high-tech innovations in their Verona TCS unit which include an on/off timer, auto backflush routine for cleaning, an LED espresso control monitor, an adjustable programmable pre-infusion, and the ability to set service, filter requirements, and retrieve detailed audit data using the Bluetooth System Service that manages the technical support parameters simply by using your own smartphone or tablet with the designated app.

 2 Group features

The Verona TCS 2 Group has a 230/400 voltage, a steam boiler capacity of 8.6L, a steam boiler power of 2.95/4.9kW, a TCS boiler power of 2.0, and a total power of 5.1/7.1kW in the standard stock.

San Remo Verona TCS 2: Price

New: $9,430 AUD ($10,373 GST Inclusive)

San Remo Verona TCS 2: Videos

No videos available

San Remo Verona TCS 2: The verdict

The Verona TCS incorporates classic styling with cutting edge technology and functionality with a self-cleaning program, high group cup clearance, standby mode for energy efficiency, and manual override function, among others. On the hand, unlike those that are produced by its competitors, this one is not user-friendly and newbies may have a hard time figuring out some of its features. Still, the Verona TCS is the machine that you would need in your business to produce high quantities of high-quality espresso-based coffee.

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