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Complete Guide to Ditch Witch Attachments

Complete Guide to Ditch Witch Attachments

Ditch Witch’s trenchers, plows and utility equipment have long been lauded as being among the most versatile and reliable on the market. With such a small footprint, these compact options are the perfect solution for tight corners and even tighter budgets.

There are endless possibilities for underground construction with Ditch Witch’s easy-to-change attachments, available across a range of their machines. With each machine’s quick-connect attachment plate, switching between accessories is quick and painless. Which piece of excess machinery will you ditch now that you’ve got your Ditch Witch? Believe us—nearly all of them!


Digging holes is no-one’s idea of a good time. It’s time consuming, tedious and backbreaking work. Using the Ditch Witch planetary auger driver attachment means that those post-hole digs are over quickly and easily, so you can get on to laying those fence posts. Minimise the amount of extra hands you need on site, and get the job done faster with your very own auger tool.


Turn your little front-end loader into a backhoe for a variety of jobs. Simply fasten your backhoe attachment for instant hole-digging, earth-moving, asphalt-breaking, driveway-paving glory! At only 1.2m in width, this versatile piece of equipment will fit into the narrowest of spaces.


Preparing for trench warfare? Well, your enemies don’t stand a chance. You can be belting out troughs for those drains, pipes and cables in no time at all.  Turn your backhoe in into a trencher instantly, with a trencher attachment. Available in 24, 30 and 36-inch varieties, Ditch Witch has a trencher size to suit all your trench-digging needs.

Ditch Witch Trencher
Image Credit: ditchwitch.com

Backfill Blade

After all your hole-digging and trench-ploughing fun, no doubt you’re going to need to do some tidying up. Lucky for you, backfilling has never been so easy! Once you’re finished with your trencher, simply remove and clip in your backfill blade attachment to start moving that dirt around and filling those ditches. In both regular and 6-way varieties, the backfill blades come in either a 48 or 67-inch options.


In both left and centre options, the backfiller attachments allow you to automate your backfilling process even further still. Quickly run over your exposed trenches, and in a single sweep you’ve filled and levelled the site.


Ditch Witch has you covered for any job with its staggering range of bucket attachments. The standard buckets are available in 36 and 42-inch options, while the 52” bucket is available in either 1/3 or ¼ cubic metre varieties. Also available are the lightweight materials bucket option and the versatile 4-in-1 bucket, which is available in 44” or 52” alternatives.

Ditch Witch Bucket
Image Credit: ditchwitch.com


These attachments allow you to turn your Ditch Witch excavator into a tree-moving, log-clearing, pallet-shifting super-machine with its versatile range of forks. Available are the grapple forks (in 42 and 54-inch varieties), hydraulic tree fork and pallet fork. Nothing is out of reach with this adaptable and ingenious range of attachments.


Farming and soil cultivation are a breeze with the rake attachments available for your Ditch Witch. The ingenious soil cultivator attachment enables you to turn your rough terrain in to plant-able soil with just one pass. Aerate soil, loosen earth and blend fertilisers quickly and easily with this incredible tool.

If you’ve got some serious ground-breaking to do before you get to the soil-blending phase, the tiller attachment may be what you need. With its sturdy blades and large base, it makes a breeze of loosening that hard soil before your planting preparations can take place.

Finally, for lighter landscaping duties such as preparing seedbeds, the Harley Rake© automatic or manual frame swing options have you covered.

Carry-All Leveller

As the name would suggest, the carry-all leveller attachment both carries and levels! Amazing! This handy accessory can handle a range of tasks; helping you to get the most out of your Ditch Witch equipment.


Pumping out an impressive 1200 strikes per minute, the jackhammer attachment packs a punch! Whether you’re breaking up rock, concrete or pavement this attachment can handle your job, with its whopping 240 N.m of energy per stroke!

Hydraulic Tree Shear

Whether you’re trimming branches, shearing or simply carrying felled trees, the hydraulic tree shear attachment has got you covered. With its 7-inch capacity, it won’t be moving any giant timbers around, but for your day-to-day yard duties and landscaping needs, it sure beats hiring an arborist.

Vibratory Plow

Lay cabling and piping below ground with minimal turf disturbance with the vibratory plow. This attachment is a time-saving, ground-saving and sanity-saving dream! Leaving a narrow, near-invisible dig line in its wake, there is no need to backfill soil or re-lay lawn.

Ditch Witch Vibratory Plow
Image Credit: ditchwitch.com

Plate Compactor

The handy plate compactor attachment allows you to compact earth without the need for a stand-alone compactor. The plate compactor will complete a range of jobs from driving piles, to compacting for pavers and levelling trenches.

Multi-Task Tool

The multi-tool attachment is yet another practical accessory in the Ditch Witch arsenal. Used for tearing up soil, digging trenches effortlessly, carrying materials or even towing a ball hitch trailer – this is a one-of-a-kind, super practical tool.

Rotary Broom

Now that you’ve whipped your yard/farm/worksite into submission with the myriad of Ditch Witch attachments, it’s probably time to clean up! Never fear, there’s an attachment to help with that too! The rotary broom attachment will help you with everything from a spring clean of the workshop floor, to removing snow!

Ditch Witch’s range of interchangeable attachments turns you into a one-man force of nature.

Whether you’re landscaping, farming, plumbing, demolishing or building – Ditch Witch has an attachment to suit your needs. Save on time, labour and stress with this flexible range of equipment.


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