• May 23, 2019
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New Construction Equipment Manufacturer Breaks into Aussie Market

New Construction Equipment Manufacturer Breaks into Aussie Market

The Diesel, Dirt and Turf expo brought a lot of new faces to the industry this year. One of those was Ultro Plant & Equipment, who chose the DDT expo to break into the construction market and meet some of their client base face-to-face.

We spoke with Matt Lynch, Managing Director of Ultro Plant & Equipment, to learn more about the business and what it has to offer the industry.

“[The DDT expo has] been a great forum for getting Ultro and Sany into the market. This is our first major expo anywhere, it’s been great. It’s a lot of hard work but it’s been fun. Meeting our client base face-to-face and having a chat with them is where we need to be.”

As a Sany dealer, Ultro Plant & Equipment spent the weekend introducing the brand to the many possible buyers at the event.

Their Big Difference

This included discussing their big point of difference.

“The assembly and configuration of these machines are all the best parts put together. Our difference is… our ‘keep you going’ guarantee that no one else in the market does,” said Matt.

“The ‘keep you going’ guarantee means that if you purchase a machine from us and it breaks down onsite under a warranty issue we can’t fix there and then, we offer a like-for-like replacement machine while we take yours away and fix it properly. So you have minimal downtime as an operator.”

While speaking with Matt, it was easy to see his passion for helping buyers get the most from their machinery. Even if it means at Ultro’s own cost.

“Our perspective is your machine shouldn’t be down due to a fault. Because of that, we offer that guarantee. If your machine breaks down under warranty and we can’t fix it onsite, we’ll give you another machine while we fix yours and bring it back to you.”

“…that’s the bit that kills these guys that purchase these machines, they can’t afford for their machine to be down. They need it working, that’s how they feed their families,” he added.

Where Can You Find Ultro & Their Sany Machinery?

You can find Ultro in Melbourne. But for those who live outside of Melbourne, Ultro have a few dealer partnerships coming that will secure most of the east coast of Australia.

“Currently we’re based in Melbourne. We have a partner reseller called HMS Group in Newcastle who service the Central and Hunter Valley. We will be opening in Penrith soon and after that we will open in Brisbane. So the reseller arrangement and distribution network we’re going to have will stretch all the way up the East coast,” says Matt.

“There’s genuine interest in the level of service we’re going to be providing to the market.”

Check out Ultro Plant & Equipment here, or take a look at construction equipment for sale or at auction here.

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