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Review: Convotherm OGS 20.20 Combi Oven

Review: Convotherm OGS 20.20 Combi Oven

Convotherm OGS 20.20: The introduction

In professional kitchens, we’ve seen how the demand for combi ovens rose over the past couple of years. Because of their versatility, entrepreneurs saw the immense benefit they could get from acquiring these appliances. Chefs and restaurant owners also saw the necessity of these equipment in their own operations. So if you operate a commercial kitchen, it would be a wise decision to get your own combi oven, too.

Now, there are various brands that will not make it easy for you to select one. But let me suggest that you check out Convotherm. For four decades, they have been at the forefront of the industry in terms of innovation. So if you’d like to know what this company can deliver, then read on as I feature their OGS 20.20 in today’s review.

Convotherm OGS 20.20: Key features


I told you that Convotherm is a leader when it comes to incorporating technology into their products. With the OGS 20.20, they equipped it with their patented Advanced Closed System with “Crisp and Tasty” de-moisturising feature. Basically, this automatically maintains the moisture levels to keep the inside moist while crisping the outside. It also helps to lessen cooking time, as well as save energy.

In addition to that, there’s the inclusion of the disappearing door that is both space saving and easy to close. Then there’s the self- diagnostic system that display full-text messages. Not to mention that you get to enjoy a cookbook library that has 250 recipe programs. Another installation is the exclusive “Smart Key” for when you are selecting option settings.


You can enjoy fast heat up times with the advanced heating system. In essence, this power burner heating system saves energy and promotes quick cooking. Furthermore, there’s an auto reversing convection fan that will evenly distribute the heat.

Durable and low maintenance

Another thing that makes Convotherm at the top of their game is the durability of their products. The OGS 20.20 boasts of an overall stainless steel construction that allows it to last in the kitchen despite your applications. Aside from that, since it’s made of stainless steel, you’re also sure that it’s very easy to clean. Because of that, you don’t need to spend too much time tidying things up after hours. More than that, you’ll be able to save big bucks as well with this oven in the long run.

Standard features

First off, the OGS 20.20 has a capacity for 20 18″ x 26″ full size sheet pans. Then there’s the easy-to-use electronic controls for all operational functions. Moreover, there are hinged removable pan racks and a hinged fan guard. Finally, Convotherm finished this combi oven with a vented, double glass door that comes with a door stop.

Convotherm OGS 20.20: Price

Used: $22,727 AUD ($25,000 GST Inclusive) – Bill’s Machinery Marketing Service Pty Ltd

Convotherm OGS 20.20: Videos

No videos available

Convotherm OGS 20.20: The verdict

I’d say that the OGS 20.20 is a good equipment to invest on especially if you manage a large commercial kitchen. Because of the efficiency, it can provide, you’re sure to save both time and energy in the kitchen. Not to mention that you’ll also be saving money in the long run. Plus, this innovative oven offers you a lot of recipes that you can easily prepare. Plus, it’s easy to clean, as well as easy to control. So if my review got you interested on the OGS 20.20, don’t wait anymore. Check it out today.

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