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Demand Grows for Teguar’s Outbackproof Computers

Demand Grows for Teguar’s Outbackproof Computers

Specialising in computers for industrial and medical applications, Teguar’s “outbackproof” computer designed for extreme environments is in demand nationally and internationally.

Innovative range of features

Made from components designed for maximum durability, as well as being antibacterial and waterproof, Teguar Computers are being launched in Queensland, Australia, to support the healthcare, pharmaceutical and manufacturing industries. The computers are also designed to be shock and vibration resistant.

The new Australian office has been established to provide technical and sales support throughout Asia, Australia and New Zealand, as the company continues to expand their sales base. Teguar also have an office in the US and in Switzerland to assist customers in other parts of the globe.

With a rapid growth rate of 134 per cent in the past 3 years, Teguar’s all-in-one computer solutions combine superior performance with innovative features such as fan less cooling systems, water and dust proof coatings and antibacterial housings.

Specifically designed for extreme environments

The computers have been specially designed for a wide range of extreme environments including: healthcare facilities, manufacturing floors, clean rooms, operating rooms, the outdoors and food processing plants.

Teguar Computers is ISO 9001:2008 certified

As a specialised manufacturer of medical grade and industrial computers Teguar has been ranked 1 on Inc. 5000’s  list of the Fastest Growing Companies for the past two years running and the company was also certified as ISO 9001:2008 in 2015.

In conjunction with computers, Teguar also offers medical and industrial tablets, built to the same high standard of strength and durability as the computer systems.

German computer manufacturer Teguar’s operations are controlled by CEO Jonathon Staub, a native of Switzerland, who travelled to the US to manage the company. He was also the brainchild behind the “outbackproof” computer concept. After identifying the need for higher quality medical and industrial PC’s specifically designed for the pharmaceutical, healthcare and manufacturing industries, Staub developed the unique computer concept.

Customised computer solutions

With a wide range of computer solutions available for all types of applications, Teguar can customise computer solutions for individual demands. The company supplies computers and tablets for smaller to larger scale operations with around the clock technical support, as Teguar understand how integral their computers are to the businesses day-to-day operations. To discover more about Teguar or to view the medical and industrial computer solutions available visit them online.


Demand Grows for Teguar's Outbackproof Computers
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Demand Grows for Teguar's Outbackproof Computers
Teguar's innovative "outbackproof" computers are shock resistant, antibacterial and waterproof. Discover why the computers are in demand nationally and globally.
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