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The Difference Between Cat D6T XL & D6T Bulldozer

The Difference Between Cat D6T XL & D6T Bulldozer

Looking at the Cat D6T bulldozer but not sure whether to go standard or the D6T XL? What is the difference, and which will suit your application? Hold onto your hardhats, we’re diving right in to give you a clear comparison on the D6T dozer series, mainly the standard D6T and the D6T XL.

Firstly, why opt for a machine in the Caterpillar D6T dozer series?

Benefits of the Cat D6T Dozer Series



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The D6T series comes in a range of models including the standard D6T, the D6T LGP, D6T XL, D6T XW and the D6T LGP VPAT. Each has their own features, benefits and applications, but for the sake of time and their popularity, we are comparing the standard to the XL.

The D6T dozer series offer smooth shifting, fully automatic 4-speed transmission. This allows for the power train to be continuously powered for dozing, even against sudden heavy loads. When you’re pushing sand, gravel, dirt and other heavy materials, these dozers will not let you down.



  • Great pushing power for dozing and easy control for finish grading
  • Smooth shifts between gears for easy operation
  • Move more material per hour with a 2.5% increase in productivity (compared to previous model)


  • Half-gear and one-tenth gear increments give you total control of ground speeds
  • Updated joystick to increase ease of operation and productivity
  • High-lift, multi-shank ripper offers more ground clearance and better penetration


D6T vs D6T XL

The Cat D6T dozer (STD) in action

The Cat D6T XL dozer in action

Notable differences in these D6 dozers:

When you see ‘XL’, you think ‘extra large’—but is that really what this stands for? Let’s find out.

According to their specs (see below), the Cat D6T (STD) is ideal for your run-of-the-mill, general dozing jobs. While the D6T XL offers more power, lifts higher, has greater cutting depth, wider tracks, and can be equipped with narrow blade/push arms for easier transport.  

It isn’t technically ‘extra large’, but it does offer more power for pushing extra large loads. So if you’re constantly doing jobs on the larger scale, the XL may be the way to go.

Price comparison

When it comes to used Cat D6T dozers and D6T XL dozers, there isn’t too much of a difference in price. According to our data* (depending on condition, attachments, etc.):

Comparison Specs:

To save you filtering through all available specs, we’ve picked the key differences for you in the emission tier 3 machines. See below to see how the XL compares to the standard D6T. All other specs matched the standard model.


Length of track on ground 2664 mm 2871 mm
Gross power 159 kW 170 kW
Operating weight 18737 kg 20317 kg
Lift clearance 1104 mm 1195 mm
Ground pressure 60.3 kPa 61.4 kPa
Ground contact area 3m2 3.3m2
Digging & Cutting
Cutting depth 506 mm 524 mm
Dig depth 473 mm 459 mm
Blade capacity 5.61m3 5.31m3

For full specs click here.


So there you have it, the main differences between the D6T and D6T XL. Do you have one of these machines? Tell us about it in the comments below, or check out Caterpillar dozers for sale.

*Data curated from Machines4U listing information, accurate at time of publication.

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