• August 18, 2023
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10 Proven Performance Strategies by Wood-Mizer Australia

10 Proven Performance Strategies by Wood-Mizer Australia

Presented by: Wood-Mizer Australia

Unlock the potential of your sawmill blade with these invaluable techniques to extend its
operational lifespan, minimise disruptions, and effortlessly power through timber.

Masterful Blade Sharpening
Utilise Wood-Mizer’s cutting-edge blade maintenance equipment to uphold the
utmost precision and performance of your bandsaw blades.

Attention to Detail when Installing
When fitting a fresh sawmill blade, initiate a few moderate-speed cuts to facilitate a
smooth “breaking in” process. Also, minimise the skim cuts when a single set
tooth is sawing.

Optimal Drive Belt Tension
Properly tightened drive belts effectively transmit increased horsepower to the
sawmill blade, particularly vital for new belts requiring frequent adjustments.

Understand Wood Variety and Moisture Dynamics
Different wood species possess varying densities which require variable cutting
methods and feed rates. As logs dry, wood density shifts, demanding
adjustments for smoother sawing.

Lubrication for Enhanced Performance
Maintain blade lubrication to amplify sawing efficiency, minimise pitch
accumulation, prolong intervals between blade sharpening, and overall, extend
blade longevity.

Wood-Mizer Turbo 747 Sawmill Blade. Source: Supplied.

Pristine Pre-Cutting
Preparation prior to cutting is essential – remove dirt, rocks, sand, and foreign debris
from the log’s surface to prevent accelerated wear on the blade’s teeth. A
debarker proves invaluable for this purpose.

Precise Blade Tension Monitoring
Regularly inspect hydraulic tensioners, airbags, and springs, as appropriate tension
is critical for optimising blade speed and performance.

Examining Blade Wheel Belt
Ensure the blade wheel belts are in impeccable condition to achieve peak
performance, as worn belts can lead to blade tracking complications. Switching
drive and idle sides can elongate belt life.

Accelerated Feed Rate
Strive for faster feed rates while maintaining straight cuts, as slower speeds
contribute to reduced bandsaw blade longevity.

Impeccable Blade Guide Alignment
Guard against blade guide misalignment that could result in uneven cutting. Keep
rollers snug and ensure that the blade maintains minimal contact with the back
guide or roller flange.

Elevate your sawmill experience with these time-tested practices from Wood-Mizer
Australia, designed to optimise sawmill blade performance and bolster your
productivity. To find out more, visit https://woodmizer.com.au/.

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