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Equipment Focus: Bobcat S70 Skid Steer

Equipment Focus: Bobcat S70 Skid Steer

The Bobcat S70 is arguably one of the most popular tight-access skid steers. It may be small (let’s be real, it’s tiny!), but it sure packs a punch and is great for those tight-access areas.

Today, we’re taking a look at this great little machine in more detail.  

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Bobcat S70 in Action

Bobcat S70 Overview & Features

The smallest skid steer of the Bobcat compact loader fleet, the S70 sure does stand out. As Bobcat says, “…it’s the flexibility, convenience and overall usefulness of the S70 that make it really unique.”

With important advantages that make the bobcat S70 a top option for tight-access work, Bobcat created an unbeatable little machine. Here’s what Bobcat focused on to achieve this.

1. Small Yet Powerful

Don’t let its size fool you. This little machine is packed with a 22 horsepower engine that powers a hydrostatic 4WD system. Its top speed is 10 km/h, so it’ll feel zippy compared to other skid steers. It’s so compact, it’s easy to pop it onto the back of a trailer or flat-deck truck for transport to and from the jobsite.

In fact, it’s only 901mm wide, 1814 mm high, and weighs just 1291 kg (operating weight). You could tow that with a medium-sized car!

2. Longevity

Bobcat s70 compact skidsteer
Source: Machines4U

Bobcat have designed the S70 carefully, so you can work smarter. In a bid to increase the machine’s longevity, Bobcat has brought some elements from the S70’s much larger siblings. This includes:

  • Reinforced lift arms
  • Extra strong offset rims and wheel studs
  • An automatic belt tensioner with robust components

Bobcat has also made the S70 very easy to service and maintain. All standard service points, like filters, are all easily accessible behind the large tailgate.

3. Operator Comfort

Bobcat S70 operators station
Source: Machines4U

According to Bobcat, the S70 “offers lots of comfort features, for a smoother ride, greater safety and less machine wear.” A few of these features include:

  • Excellent visibility
  • Custom headlights to light up the work area
  • Pimp mount casting and engine mount isolators to reduce vibration
  • Easy instrument panel keeps you informed at all times

Bobcat S70 Specs

Operating Weight: 1,268 kg

Rated Operating Capacity: 343 kg

Horsepower: 17.5kW (23.5hp)

Arm Lift Path: Radius Lift Path

Length: 2472 mm

Width: 901 mm

Download full Bobcat S70 specs here.

Bobcat S70 Pros and Cons

As with any machine, there are benefits and things you should consider before buying. The main points for pros and cons we found (through our research*) include:


  • It’s fast
  • It can push a pile and fill up the bucket
  • Good visibility
  • Good lift height
  • Reliable engine
  • Cab, while cramped, is comfortable


  • Struggles to execute 3 functions at once
  • Very tippy
  • Tough to cut through hard ground
  • Rough ride

Do you own a Bobcat S70? Tell us in the comments below, or check out other Bobcat skid steers for sale.

*Sources: YouTube Bobcat S70 reviews, bobcat.com, bobcatofaustralia.com.au

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