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Equipment Focus—Cat 312E Excavator

Equipment Focus—Cat 312E Excavator

The Cat 312E is a mid-range excavator that combines tier 4 fuel efficiency with high-power cab comfort and quality parts. The result is an excavator that can handle tough work.

A part of the 300 series—a family of excavators that has been in production since the 1990s—the 312E is the latest in a line of machines that showcases everything Caterpillar has to offer. With a complete range of quality standard components, as well as hundreds of optional extras, there’s almost no end to the way you can customise and optimise the Cat 312E excavator.

Cat 312E Specs

First and foremost, the specs. The Cat 312E packs a real punch, and weighing in at 13.5t, it’s a great choice for medium–large worksites.

Engine Model Cat C4.4 ACERT
Gross Power 95 hp (71 kW)
Net Power 91 hp (68 kW)
Min. Operating Weight 13,500 kg
Max. Operating Weight 15,000 kg
Max. Digging Depth* 6040 mm
Max. Loading Height* 6330 mm

*Based on the R3.0 reach boom. Other boom dig depth and loading height can vary.

Caterpillar’s C4.4 ACERT engine design is more fuel-efficient than previous versions, while still providing the same (if not better) performance. To further improve efficiency the 312E features a 2-mode speed control system. A high mode for when you need the absolute maximum power, and an economy mode, for the reduced fuel consumption. The operator can easily switch between them with the console switch panel.

The Caterpillar 312E Cab

Keeping your operators comfortable all day is important for efficiency. Cat has designed the 312E’s cab to be as comfortable and convenient to use as possible.

The cab in the Cat 312E excavator has a huge range of options that can make the work easier or more comfortable, but it comes stock-standard with an excellent range of features that are more than enough to get the job done. 

  • Comfortable Seats—Standard with a reclining back, upper and lower seat slide adjustments, and height and tilt angle adjustments. For added comfort, you can get optional air suspension, heating or air-cooling. 
  • Easy Controls—Left and right, height-adjustable joysticks and travel control pedals with removable hand levers. For the left-handed operators there is an optional left foot switch and pedal available. 
  • Climate Control—The sealed and pressurised cab is already comfortable to work in, but the 5 air-outlet climate control system makes working in the heat or cold even easier. Pre-filters are available as an optional extra.

Of course, there’s much, much more to the cab than just these 3 features, even just the large amount of storage for phones, mp3s, lunchboxes, tools and more, means the Cat 312E is easy and comfortable to use.

Updated Technology for the Cat 312E

The Caterpillar 312E excavator is already fuel and cost-efficient, but the optional technology available from Cat can make your operators work even more effectively.

For increased monitoring and improved fleet management, you can’t go past Cat Product Link. Integrated into the machine, this system is designed to help you easily view and manage a range of data and stats, like:

  • Hours
  • Fuel consumption
  • Idle time
  • Machine location

All this information is sent wirelessly to VisionLink (web application) where it is compiled and can be easily read by site management or operators.

When it comes to operator efficiency, the Cat Grade Control Depth and Slope technology is what you need. This system combines the traditional controls with factory-installed and calibrated components to give operators real-time bucket tip information. Displayed on the LCD monitor, this technology reduces the need for traditional grade checking and can help to speed up your work, while reducing fuel consumption. This technology can be upgraded with Cat AccuGrade.   

Improved Serviceability

Wide service doors and a one-piece hood make daily maintenance and servicing of the Caterpillar 312E easy. A new screen design, sturdy hinges and tough latches help prevent debris from entering the engine and cooling compartments.

Individual radiator and pump compartments make it easier to access major components for cleaning and maintenance and the fresh air filter is on the side of the cab for easy reach and replacement.

Another improvement Cat has made to their 300 series excavators is to place the engine oil check gauge in front of the engine compartment, making it easier than ever to quickly check the gauge.

Cat 312E Price

As with most machinery, the pricing will vary depending on the age, condition and any optional extras you choose. But, for a used Cat 312E excavator, you can expect to pay between $150,000 and $165,000*.

Not sure whether the Caterpillar 312E is what your worksite needs? There are plenty of other Caterpillar excavators here. Or, browse through excavator auctions that are happening in your area.

*Prices are an average taken from data from www.machines4u.com.au. All prices are a guide only and you should always discuss with your dealer/seller before buying.

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