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Equipment Focus: Caterpillar Roller Compactor CS76

Equipment Focus: Caterpillar Roller Compactor CS76

The Cat CS76 roller compactor is a smooth-drum vibratory compactor, ideal for compacting granular materials such as asphalt, rocks or sand. Offering 56 compactor models alone, Caterpillar continue to dominate the construction industry.  

Weighing in at 16 990kg, the CS76 smaller sibling in the 76 vibratory soil compactor family. But don’t be fooled—it is still a solid, powerful compacting machine.

Take a look at the video below to see this machine do its thing!

The Cat Roller Compactor In Action

Disclaimer: This video showcases an overseas model. Configurations may differ from the Australian model.

CS76 Roller Compactor Overview

Available in cab or canopy, the Cat CS76 roller compactor provides comfort and good performance. While it is a smooth-drum vibratory compactor, the CS76 Cat roller compactor does have an optional padfoot shell kit that allows it to work in cohesive or semi-cohesive materials. That makes this roller compactor much more versatile for different worksites.

The vibratory system uses pod-style eccentric weights for high compaction performance.

“High compaction force provides more productivity in medium-to-thick lifts up to 61 cm. The CS/CP76 and CS76 XT also provide peace of mind that the compactor can handle the job when lift thicknesses unexpectedly vary between medium and thick.”


Now, let’s discuss the compactor’s features.

CS76 Roller Compactor Features

According to Caterpillar, the CS76 roller compactor offers “high compaction performance, speed and gradeability to maximise productivity.” Let’s take a look at the machine’s features to see how this is achieved.


To maximise the CS76 roller performance on the field, Cat focused on a few key things:

The vibratory system

Using pod-style eccentric weights ensure peak compaction performance. It also means minimal service and provides a high-dynamic force to achieve density in the fewest number of passes.  

Patented eccentric weights

Cat’s patented eccentric weights offer high reliability and simplified control of the roller compactor.

Cat C6.6 electronic diesel engine with ACERT technology

The Caterpillar engine offers great performance, reliability and fuel economy, thanks to its robust block and components, low-mounted oil pump and large oil cooler.

Dual pump propel system

Cat has added a dual pump propel system to their rollect compactors. These pumps provide separate, balanced hydraulic flow to the rear wheel, axle and drum-drive motors. Offers good gradability on steep slopes, even in loose or poor underfoot conditions.

Operator’s Station

Being a vibratory compactor roller, operator comfort becomes a necessity. That’s why Caterpillar has used four heavy-duty isolation mounts in the operator’s station to ensure a nice, smooth ride. That’s not the only thing Cat did.

  • A one-piece sloped hood design, narrow rear fenders and more cab glass offer good visibility
  • Optimised air flow to keep the operator cool
  • Tilt steering column to provide good ergonomics
  • Grouped control gauges for easy machine control
  • Two front and two rear lights as standard for increased safety


Then there is the all-important serviceability. To help maximise the CS76 roller compactor, Cat has made daily maintenance easy with a simple tilt-forward hood and ground-level check points. The operator’s station can also tilt forward for fast access to the hydraulics.

Cat Roller Compactor Price

Caterpillar CS76 models range between $75,000 and $190,000, averaging at $110,250.*

Cat Compact Roller CS76 Specs

Engine: Cat C6.6 electronic diesel with ACERT technology

Operating Weight (with cab): 16 990 kg

Weight at Drum (with cab): 10 810kg

Vibration Standard Frequency: 30 Hz

Nominal Amplitude – High: 1.8 mm

Nominal Amplitude – Low: 0.9 mm

Maximum Centrifugal Force (at 30 Hz): 332 kN

Minimum Centrifugal Force (at 30 Hz): 166 kN

Drum Size: 2130 mm

Drum Shell Thickness: 40 mm

Fuel Tank Capacity: 345 L

View more specs here.

Have you owned or operated the Cat CS76 compactor roller? Tell us your thoughts below! Or take a look at other roller compactors for sale.

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