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Equipment Focus: Claas Lexion 760TT

Equipment Focus: Claas Lexion 760TT

Built on experience, the Claas Lexion 760TT is a cutting-edge combine harvester that’s designed to increase yield efficiency and reduce time spent harvesting or threshing. Claas has worked on the Lexion’s design to raise the power, precision, performance and capacity of the 760TT.

Claas Lexion Specs

Engine Perkins 2206 D
Cylinders/Displacement (No./l) S 6/12.5
Engine Control Electronic
Max. Output (ECE R 120) 339 kW (461 hp)
Emissions Standard Tier 3
Fuel Tank Capacity 1150 L
Grain Tank Capacity 11,000 L
Unloading Rate 130 L/s

There’s a lot to pay attention to in the Lexion 760TT. Whether it’s crop clearing, residual grain separation or straw management, there’s fine details for every aspect of the machine.

In the Cab of the Lexion 760TT

One of the biggest draws for the Claas Lexion 760TT is the cab. The ergonomic layout combined with the east-to-reach controls means every part of this combine harvester is at your fingertips.

Let’s start with the basics. The cushioned, air-suspension seat automatically adjusts to the operators weight and effectively reduces up to 40% of vibrations. A 2-part lumbar support will help keep your back in the correct shape, even over a long day of work. While the active comfort control provides sufficient ventilation to reduce sweating in hot weather. Of course, big days of work require a break every now and then, which is why the passenger seat has a fully integrated refrigerator box with a capacity of 43L and a bottle holder. Fold down the backrest and you’ve got a table as well!

The highlight of the cab however, is the sheer volume of controls and monitors. Almost every single function of the Claas Lexion 760TT can either be monitored or individually controlled—sometimes both.

The in-cab display shows all the important information that an operator needs to effectively use this combine harvester, including:

  • Throughput monitoring
  • Area scaling & yield metering
  • Driving information (up to 40 display options available)
  • Message window for alarms & information
  • Front attachment position
  • Returns check

Operating Panel

On the operating panel, you’ll find an almost incomprehensible number of buttons and switches that may seem daunting at first, but as soon as you’ve got them down pat you’ll never want to go back.

There’s a front attachment on/off button, a threshing unit on/off button, diesel engine speed switch, parking brake switch and more. But, for the complete level of control, the CMOTION lever is where the Claas Lexion 760TT really shines.

Cleverly laid out to be simple and intuitive to use, operators have buttons, switches or dials for some of the most important functions of the combine harvester:

  • Grain tank unloading tube extension & retraction
  • Grain tank unloading on/off
  • Cutterbar stop
  • Reel operation
  • Front attachment height control
  • Auto pilot

Almost every part of the cab is adjustable to suit the operator.

Claas Lexion Maintenance

As the farming industry has evolved, so has Claas. They have designed the Lexion 760TT to be as convenient to maintain and service as possible. Claas has added a fully folding rear hood, and a mobile foldable ladder to make accessing major components quicker and simpler.

The radiator is hinged for fast, manual cleaning and a unique side panel means service technicians are able to get simple access which will help reduce maintenance costs.

But where Claas really takes a stand is in the service and parts area. “Whatever it takes” is their motto, and they are giving it their all to achieve it. Claas dealers and service partners are always up-to-date with their product line, and support staff are on-call for helpful advice and servicing.

The Lexion 760TT is fitted with some of the latest technology that Claas distributors can access and assess if you experience a fault. This lets them work together with you to quickly find the fault and provide the correct maintenance or repair.

Attachments for the Lexion 760TT

Claas has a selection of attachments that are compatible with the Lexion 760TT. Picking the right attachment for your needs is important and Claas has done their best to provide something for every crop type and harvest. Available attachments include:

  • VARIO/Rapeseed Equipment
  • VARIO/Rice Equipment
  • Folding Cutterbar

All attachment trailers come with a locking transport container for secure transport and carry of rapeseed knives.

The Claas Lexion 760TT in Action

*Model shown may be an overseas model or have different attachments. Model and attachments available in your area may vary.

Claas Lexion 760TT Price

A comprehensive machine like the Lexion 760TT commands a matching price. A used Claas Lexion 760TT will generally go for anywhere from $320,000 up to $350,000** (extra with attachments).

Shopping around for a new combine harvester and not sure where to start? Browse through our listings for a whole range of new and used harvesters and headers or take a look at farming machinery available for auction.

**Prices are an average based off data from www.machines4u.com.au. Always discuss with your dealer/seller before purchasing.

Sources: Claas Lexion 770/760/750 Product Brochure

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