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Equipment Focus: John Deere 6230 Tractor

Equipment Focus: John Deere 6230 Tractor

The John Deere 6230*, a part of their 6030 series, is a tractor built to handle the rigorous workloads and conditions on farms throughout Australia. A full-length frame and specially designed tilt technology means you’ll be able to all those jobs around the farm with one beast of a tractor.

The John Deere 6230 Specs at a Glance

Engine 4.5L 70kW (95hp)
Steering Column Tilt/telescopic
Hood Single-piece—full tilt for easy maintenance
Transmission 3 choices
Cab Optimised layout for maximum operator comfort
Frame Full-frame design for extended lifespan
Reverser Left hand

John Deere 6230 Tractor Features

Everything you need to efficiently manage your crops or farm chores is on-hand in the John Deere 6230. From the spacious cab to the optional PowerQuad Plus transmission, there’s a whole range of features available to ensure you operate in comfort with maximum output.

John Deere 6230 Cab

  • Adjustable steering column & dash
  • Heating & cooling
  • Optional CommandARM control arm

The cab design for the John Deere 6230 ensures absolute comfort. Each tractor comes standard with an automotive-style instrument panel, which has 2 large dials for engine and tractor speed. The steering column and dash are both adjustable to suit the operator, and heating and cooling systems are strategically placed on the right-hand console for easy reach.

The most recent 6230’s have an improved cab design that features a more intuitive CommardARM control arm, which puts all the key functions in one place and within easy reach. Optional for the CommondARM is a 17.8cm display, which offers fast adjustment and display of additional tractor functions.

This, combined with the abundant storage, panoramic windshield and multiple power sockets ensures all day comfort for every operator.

An Engine Combining High-Performance With Fuel-Efficiency

The reliable PowerTech engine has been thoroughly tested over the years to ensure maximum performance and reliability. The several transmission choices available for the John Deere 6230 ensures you will always be able to harness every inch of power from your engine.

To help improve fuel-efficiency, John Deere has added an electronically controlled HPCR fuel injection system. Combined with a dual-temperature cooling system, it will keep your engine running better for longer.

Servicing & Maintenance

Servicing and maintaining John Deere tractors is easier than ever thanks to the single-piece tilt hood. It opens up in 2 positions for quick access to the engine, radiator and components. Need a bit more clearance than the standard 45-degree angle the hood gives? Then override the gas struts and put completely upright to get maximum working space.

  • Quick access to engine
  • 45-degree hood
  • Gas struts
  • Hood tilts completely upright when required

The engine oil change interval is 500 hours (subject to use and conditions). According to John Deere, the brakes and clutches require little-to-no maintenance and should last the average life of a tractor.

All of this helps reduce the cost of ownership and to help you save money in the long-term.

And if you purchase through a dealer, you’ll have complete service and support throughout ownership as well. Your local John Deere dealership is a part of a huge network and they can organise quick, efficient replacement of parts, tune-ups or emergency repairs.

Looking to get yourself a reliable tractor at an affordable price? Browse through our range of John Deere tractors for sale and tractors at auction to find a great machine at a great price.

Or, if you’re sold on getting the 6230, view the available John Deere 6230 tractors here.

*Disclaimer—The John Deere 6230 tractor has been in production for many years and there are several variations available. Machines4U recommends always checking with your dealer, buyer or seller to confirm which year and model prior to purchasing.

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