The John Deere 8360RT is ideal for those who have heavy-duty (and we mean heavy duty!) ag work to get done. It is one of the biggest John Deere tractors out there.

John Deere 8360RT Track Tractor Overview

Released in late 2010, the 8360RT brought the same reliability of the previous model, but with a bit more power and bells and whistles.

“First and foremost, customers will notice new styles and new lights on the front grill. But quickly when they step into it, they’ll notice that the power levels have increased by about a 10-15 percent power increase depending on the model,” Cody Dicken told AgWired soon after launch.

This tractor belongs to the John Deere 8RT Series tracked tractors, built with an impressive number of smart features, a huge undercarriage and one of the longest wheelbases in the market. It’s the largest in its family with a PTO horsepower of 305 HP.

We’ve found a quick 30-second clip of this tractor in the field. Give it a watch below.

The John Deere 8360RT in action

Disclaimer: This video may showcase an overseas model. Configurations may differ from the Australian model.

Key Features Of The 8360RT Track Tractor

John Deere 8360RT tracked tractor

Deemed by Deere as “the most intelligent tractors in the world”, the 8 Series, and the 8360RT, have a lot to live up to. So what makes them so sma-“RT”?

John Deere spent a lot of time (and resources) designing a powerful heavy-duty tractor. And while this machine has plenty of muscle, the 8360RT is also designed to make the operator’s life much, much easier.

As Brad Davis from Chesterfield Australia (one of the largest John Deere dealerships in Australia) told us, “Automation is where technology going for farming machinery.”

Here’s how John Deere delivers on that front.

Power & performance

John Deere tracked tractor

With its John Deere PowerTech PSX 9.0 L engine, the 8360RT delivers even more horsepower than its predecessor. That’s up to 360 engine HP and over 400 HP through what John Deere are calling “Intelligent Power Management”.

It also comes standard with the John Deere Infinitely Variable Transmission (IVT), which offers greater convenience and productivity. All you’ve got to do is select your operating speed, choose from 3 modes and the IVT maintains the engine speed for you.  

“The John Deere PowerTech PSX 9.0 L Engine uses air-to-air aspiration, two turbochargers in a series, a four-valve-per-cylinder design, plus a highpressure common-rail fuel system.”
—John Deere

Comfort & Control

John deere 8360RT cab

As they say: work smarter, not harder. The John Deere track tractor allows you to do just that! Not only is the cab interior comfortable and roomy, it has heating, air conditioning and a passive noise-reduction system.

John Deere’s 8360RT cab also features:

  • Integrated bluetooth technology
  • CommandARM Console, placing almost all the tractor’s controls at your fingertips
  • GS3 CommandCenter for easy programming

Smart Technology

Tracked Tractor technology

“What makes the 8R/8RT Series the most intelligent tractors in the world isn’t just their advanced technology, but how we made the technology intuitive and easy to use, regardless of operator skill level.”
—John Deere

As well as the CommandARM and CommandCenter Display (as mentioned above) the 8360RT tracked tractor has plenty of other brains to compete with its braun. Some other smart technology you’ll find in this tractor includes:

  • GreenStar Guidance technology helps improve your productivity and profitability by accurately tracking the tractor’s movements
  • JDLink Information Management System means your 8360RT can send you regular updates on where and how it’s operating
  • AirCushion Suspension System ensures a smooth ride even on rough ground

John Deere 8360RT Price

These are big beasts, with big price tags. We’ve seen these John Deere tracked tractors priced between $110,000 and $297,000.*

John Deere 8360RT Specs

Engine: John Deere PowerTech PSX 9.0 L – diesel, in-line, 6-cylinder, wet-sleeve with 4 valve-in-head

Rated PTO HP: 295 HP @ 2,100 rpm

Fuel Tank Capacity: 758 L

Transmission: John Deere Infinitely Variable Transmission (IVT), 26 mph (42 km/h)

Avg Standard Weight: 15,848 kg (less front weights)

See more 8360RT specs here.

Have you ridden in one of these beasts? Tell us about it in the comments below! Check out other tractors for sale here.

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