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Equipment Focus: Komatsu Dozer D85EX 15

Equipment Focus: Komatsu Dozer D85EX 15

Boasting best value, reliability and versatility for its time, the Komatsu dozer D85EX 15 is built tough. Ideal for civil construction, local government, waste management and agricultural jobs, this dozer can do it all.

So let’s find out what Komatsu focused on to make these bulldozers the best in their class for their time.  

The Komatsu Dozer D85EX-15 in Action

Komatsu Dozer D85EX 15 Overview & Features

Komatsu D85EX 15 Dozer
Source: Machines4U

After 15 years of making the same solid dozer design (the D85-21), Komatsu decided to make some changes. Those design updates birthed the new Komatsu D85 dozers (D85EX-15 and D85PX-15) in 2003.

According to Komatsu technical writers, they used cutting-edge design technology for its time. “It was the first time for us to extensively apply 3D-CAD in the development of a bulldozer. We implemented various measures and made various improvements to the entire process, from development to mass production,” they said.

These improvements included updates over 5 main areas:

  1. Lowering environmental impact
  2. Improving the cab
  3. Enhancing efficiency
  4. Optimising maneuverability
  5. Improving servicing & machine reliability

Let’s see how Komatsu achieved these objectives.

1. Environmental Impact

Komatsu dozer
Source: Machines4U

When developing the D85EX-15, a clean and silent design was paramount. Knowing this, the Komatsu engineers used a new engine (the SAA6D125E-5) that for lower emissions and less noise.

“By employing a new engine (whose rated speed is 5% lower than that of the conventional engine), an electronically-controlled hydraulic fan, air suction ducts in the engine hood and side covers, the ambient noise was reduced significantly.”

In fact, using these techniques (and mounting the engine to the main frame with rubber cushions) made the new model emit 10 dB less ambient noise, compared with the former model. They also used recyclable parts to further extend their contribution to the environment.

2. Cab Enhancements

Komatsu dozer D85Ex 15
Source: Machines4U

“The seal of the sliding windows and doors has been improved to make the cab much more airtight and prevent entry of dust and dirt into the cab.”

The new cab design featured a larger, hexagonal-shaped cab with large tinted glass windows. It also featured the new cab damper mounting, which provides excellent shock and vibration absorption. Paired with the suspension seat, the result is superior visibility, operator comfort and reduced in-cab noise.

3. Enhancing Efficiency & Productivity

Komatsu dozer engine
Source: Machines4U

“The 5% increase in engine output and the introduction of advanced new technologies had great results. The new model has attained 8% higher productivity (in terms of hourly workload) and 5% better fuel efficiency than the former model.”

To achieve a greater level of efficiency and productivity, the Komatsu D85 development team implemented the following solutions:

  • A new Komatsu engine, delivering a 5% increase to engine output
  • Introduction of new technology such as the hydraulic engine cooling fan
  • A large blade made from high-tensile-strength steel
  • A multi-shank ripper with long sprocket and high penetration force
  • Low drive and long track undercarriage to increase durability

4. Optimising Maneuverability

Dozer Komatsu
Source: Machines4U

When onsite, operators need to move their machines easily and safely. To assist with this, Komatsu implemented to Palm Command Control System (PCCS) to give the operator complete control.

“[The] palm command travel joystick provides the operator with a relaxed posture and superb fine control. Transmission gear shifting is simplified with thumb push buttons.”

PCCS, paired with the new Hydrostatic Steering System (HSS), allowed for turning while dozing. The D85EX-15 also features:

  • Palm command control system (PCCS)
  • Hydrostatic steering system (HSS)
  • Electronically controlled transmission
  • Preset travel speed function
  • Auto downshift function

5. Improving Serviceability & Reliability

Komatsu dozer serviceability
Source: Machines4U

“Preventative maintenance is the only way to ensure long service life from your equipment. That’s why Komatsu designed the D85EX with conveniently located maintenance points to make necessary inspections and maintenance quick and easy.”


Updated hardware and new technology makes maintenance easier. The Komatsu D85 includes:

  • New monitor panel with self-diagnostic function
  • Updated modular power train design
  • Prolonged oil filter change intervals
  • Increased link height helps increase wear resistance of undercarriage
  • Separation of power train from frame
  • Blade tilt piping is built into the blade

Komatsu Dozer Specs: D85EX-15

Horsepower (Gross): 266 HP @ 1900 rpm

Horsepower (Net): 264 HP @ 1900 rpm

Operating Weight: 28100 kg

Blade Capacity (Semi- U Tilt): 7.0 m3

Blade Capacity (Straight Tilt): 5.2 m3

See full specs here.

Have you operated the Komatsu dozer D85EX-15? Tell us about it in the comments below, or take a look at other Komatsu dozers for sale.

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