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Equipment Focus: Komatsu PC200 8 Excavator

Equipment Focus: Komatsu PC200 8 Excavator

The Komatsu PC200 8 hybrid was the world’s first hybrid-powered excavator. It offers a host of benefits over comparable non-hybrid excavators.

Let’s delve into what makes the Komatsu PC200 8 hybrid an industry-leading machine.

Komatsu PC200 8 Excavator in Action

Komatsu PC200 8 Excavator Overview & Features

“Generally, hydraulic excavators of PC200 class are the best selling machines in the market.”

—Yuuichi Iwamoto, Komatsu Technical Writer

Developed and mass produced in Osaka, Japan, the PC200 8 hybrid underwent rigorous testing prior to its launch in 2008. During its development, Komatsu identified safety, the environment and technology as key areas of focus.

“The development objectives are to conform to environmental regulations, to pursue reduction in environmental load, safety and comfortableness, to enhance IT utilization and maintainability, and to upgrade the marketability, in order to develop hydraulic excavators suiting user needs.”

—Masafumi Tsuji & Tomio Teranaka, Komatsu Technical Writers

Here are some of the key features of the PC200 8 hybrid excavator.


PC200 8 Komatsu Excavator

As a key area of development focus, the PC200 8 hybrid received some large safety enhancements.

As Komatsu technical writers stated, their safety goal was “to develop a global product seeking safety design and clearing strict safety standards worldwide.” This included:

  • Protective cab structure to protect the operator in case of rollover
  • Slip-resistant floor plates for safe work on the machine
  • Larger side and rear view mirrors
  • Reduction in noise inside the cab

The Environment

PC200 8 Komatsu Excavator Engine

The PC200 8 hybrid is packed with an upgraded yet low-emission Komatsu SAA6D107E-1 engine. Providing 110kw 148HP, this excavator provides power and productivity without severely impacting the environment. Other ways this excavator minimises its impact to the environment includes:

  • ‘Economy Mode’ improves fuel consumption
  • Eco-gauge for energy-saving operations
  • Extended idling caution for fuel conservation
  • Reduction in exterior noise


PC200 8 Komatsu Excavator Dash

According to the PC200 8 technical report, the goal for technology in the PC200 8 was to “…further advance the IT technology of PC200-7 to provide ‘more information’ that is ‘easier to see’ and ‘easier to use’.” To achieve this goal, Komatsu developers implemented more advanced technology into the design such as:

  • A new large liquid crystal multi-screen (and multilingual) monitor
  • Advanced combustion technology to reduce fuel consumption
  • Reinforced KOMATRAX functions to store and control information using GPS, status and conditions, and can be downloaded to a mobile phone
  • Updated security including password protection, a time reservation lock and calendar reservation lock

Operator Comfort

PC200 8 Komatsu Excavator cab interior

The PC200 8 hybrid received a newly designed cab that’s wide and spacious.

“The newly designed cab is highly rigid with excellent sound absorption. Thorough improvement of noise source reduction and use of low-noise engine, hydraulic equipment, and air conditioner allows this machine to generate a low level of noise similar to that of a passenger car,” Komatsu says.

You’ll find the cab includes:

  • Low vibration with cab damper mounting to aid in vibration reduction to the operator seat
  • A seat with reclining backrest
  • An optional automatic air conditioner
  • Good visibility with large side mirrors

Easy Maintenance

PC200 8 Komatsu Excavator tracks

While upgrading the PC200 8, a lot of thought was placed into ease of maintenance, so the machine is more productive for longer. From lifting the hood to easy cleaning, the Komatsu development team have thought of just about everything:

  • Gas-assisted engine hood damper cylinder for easy open/close
  • Easy cleaning of cooling units, placed side-by-side
  • Equipped with fuel pre-filter (and water separator)
  • Hydraulic pilot filter
  • Washable cab floormat
  • Remote oil draining of swing machinery
  • Large-capacity fuel tank
  • Sloping track frame to prevent accumulation of dirt/sand and allows for easy mud removal

Komatsu PC200 8 Excavator Price

These models range between $15,400 and $172,000, averaging at $95,267 (used).*

Komatsu PC200 8 Hybrid Excavator Specs

Engine: Komatsu SAA6D107E-1

Cylinders: 6

HP Rated RPM: 2000 rpm

Swing System Drive Method: Hydrostatic

Swing Reduction: Planetary gear

Swing Speed: 12.4 rpm

Number of Track Rollers: 7

Number of Shoes: 45

Fuel Tank: 400 L

Max Digging Depth: Up to 6620 mm (for 2925 mm arm)

Min Swing Radius: Up to 3040 mm (for 2925 mm arm)

See full specs here.

Overall, the PC200 8 is a great excavator for those larger earthmoving jobs, and as Yoga Purnomo, Head of Marketing Division, PT United Tractors Tbk, says, “…the PC200 8 is a generation of an excavator that is dynamic and efficient to counter work challenges in the field.”

Have you used the PC200 8 excavator? Let us know in the comments below, or discover other Komatsu excavators for sale.

*Prices are based on Machines4U listing data provided by sellers/advertisers and are an approximation only. Data is correct up to and at time of publishing. Prices may change and need to be verified with individual sellers.

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