Looking for a new round baler? While there are plenty of options available, the Lely shouldn’t be overlooked. Essential for the success of a livestock farm, you want to be sure your hay baler can keep up with your demands.

Round Baler Lely Welger RP 535 Overview

When it comes to livestock farming, Lely Welger have you covered in all aspects: from milking machinery through to animal feeding, housing and haymaking. It’s for this reason many choose to turn to Lely for their round balers. Made from impeccable Dutch engineering, the Lely round baler is built for high capacity baling with low maintenance.

“To meet the trend for ever-increasing power and efficiency for crop harvesting, we have developed a round baler of a unique quality for producing even larger bales. The available models offer a wide range of possibilities to meet the demands of all farmers and contractors”
— Lely Welger

The second-largest in the RP family, the 535 offers power, good capacity and bale density. This series of balers will produce bales from 1100 up to 2000 mm (some of the largest in the world!).

See the Lely 535 Round Baler In Action

Disclaimer: The loader in this clip may be an overseas model, the Australian model may vary from above.

Important Features of the Lely Round Baler

Lely round baler

One of the biggest points that Lely Welger hammer home is the feed rotor or chopping unit. Opt for the feed rotor and you have a highly durable rotor made from resilient steel. Choose the chopping unit and you have 3 extra choices, depending on how short or long you need the hay.

“The Welger RP 535 can be fitted with a feed rotor or the same cutting systems as the RP 445 – Mastercut13, Xtracut17 and Xtracut25. In addition these balers come with Hydroflexcontrol. This feature clears blockages from the feed rotor without leaving the tractor seat, which gives increased work output.”

Other great features include:

  • A huge bale chamber for enormous volume capacity—4 cubic metres to be exact.
  • Constant pressure system for highest possible bale density.
  • Wide front for easy pickup and large intake possibilities.

Just hitch it up to the back of your tractor and you’re ready to rock and roll.


Bale Chamber Diameter: 1.10 – 2.00 m

Chamber Width: 1.23 m

Bale Chamber Volume: 4.00 m3

Pick-Up Rake Width: 2.25 m

Pick-Up Type: Camless

See more specs here.

What do you think of the Lely Welger round baler? Let us know below! Or check out these hay balers for sale.

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