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Equipment Focus: MultiOne 5.3 Mini Loader

Equipment Focus: MultiOne 5.3 Mini Loader

A MultiOne loader may not be the first brand that pops into your head when you think of mini loaders. That’s why we’re shining the spotlight on the Multione 5.3 mini loader—to give you a glimpse into this machine’s impressive specs and features!

In this article:

  • What is MultiOne?
  • What are MultiOne Loaders Used For?
  • MultiOne 5.3 Mini Loader Video
  • 5.3 MultiOne Loader Features
  • What Are The MultiOne Loader 5.3 Specs?
  • MultiOne Loader Price

So let’s find out what makes the MultiOne mini loader a good option.

What is MultiOne?

MultiOne is a multi-award winning European manufacturer of ag, industrial and construction equipment. Established in 1998, they manufacture equipment such as seed drills, irrigators, hay balers, mini loaders, and other machinery.

Though they started off manufacturing ag equipment, it didn’t take long for MultiOne to start manufacturing mini loaders, creating their first 50hp units in 2000. Now, they have an extensive range of mini loaders available for all kinds of jobs.

What are MultiOne Loaders Used For?

These mini loaders are so versatile, they can be used for farming, construction, industrial, landscaping, beekeeping and tree care applications.

Like the swiss army knife of loaders, the MultiOne 5.3 mini loader itself is suitable for a wide range of attachments (170!) and work, including:

  • Spike aerator
  • Dozer blade
  • Sickle bar mower
  • Manure fork
  • Tree shear
  • Silage cutting bucket
  • And many more.

MultiOne 5.3 Video

Disclaimer: The model shown in the video above is an overseas model and may differ from the Australian model.

5.3 MultiOne Loader Features

Operator’s Station

The MultiOne 5.3 comes with a comfortable cushioned seat with armrests. You can also adjust the position of the seat to get maximum comfort while on the job. The 11-function electronic joystick will give you precise control of your attachments for easy work. And lastly, the dash showcases an LCD graphic display with programmed service such as hour meter, fuel gauge, maintenance light and 15 other indicators.

Power & Hydraulics

It’s incredible how much power this mini loader has. Its 28 HP engine allows it to move 13km/h. It’s lift capacity is also highly impressive. Its small and articulated design means this mini loader can get through narrow passages and go easy on the grass, all while lifting up to 800kg at a 2.75 m height.

The smart hydraulic systems make this mini loader insanely versatile, with its hydraulic coupling system that allows attachment connection to take just seconds. Now that’s handy!

What Are The MultiOne Loader 5.3 Specs?

MultiOne Loader 5.3 Specifications

Engine Yanmar 3TNV76
Horsepower 28 hp
Width 1090 mm (wheelbase)
Height 1950 mm
Length 2384 mm
Operating Weight 1050 kg
Breakout Force (/50 cm) 800 kg
Rated Lift Capacity 800 kg (fully articulated)
Tipping Load (w/ backweights) 1230 kg

MultiOne Loader 5.3 Price

MultiOne 5.3 loaders cost between $37,000 and $50,639, averaging at $42,448. The current average price of a 5.3 listing is $42,448.*

What do you think of the MultiOne mini loader? Let us know below, or check out more MultiOne mini loaders for sale.

*Prices are indicative of Machines4U listing data by sellers/advertisers and are an approximation only. Data is correct up to and at time of publishing. Prices may change and need to be verified with individual sellers.

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