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Equipment Focus: Vermeer BC1000XL

Equipment Focus: Vermeer BC1000XL

Cut through green waste and maximise efficiency with the Vermeer BC1000XL. With a large fuel tank, simple to access maintenance points and focus on operator safety, this wood chipper is a popular choice for many.

Vermeer BC1000XL Highlights

  • Toolless belt changes
  • 94.6L fuel tank & 26.5L hydraulic tank
  • Can chip through 30.5cm material
  • Clutchless PTO system
  • Focus on operator safety

Consistent Performance

To ensure you can get those big jobs done, Vermeer has included a massive 96.L fuel tank in their BC1000XL. The large horizontal feeder has a max speed of 32m/min and can chip through materials up to 30.5cm, reducing trimming time. The discharge system has a 270-degree rotation and sits at a height of 256.5cm.

Powerful Engine

The powerful Cummins* 3.3L Tier 4 engine packs 55.2kW (74hp) of power with a max torque of 245.4Nm. This means it’s more than enough to handle almost anything you can throw at it. The 4 cylinder diesel engine—and the entire wood chipper—is simple to maintain, with an intelligent layout that allows quick replacement and servicing of belts and the clutchless PTO system without tools.

Wood Chipper Safety

Keeping operator safety in mind, Vermeer created the BC1000XL with a variety of safety features to reduce the risk of injury and accidents. These include:

  • Patented bottom feed stop bar
  • 4-Position upper feed control bar with dual stop positions
  • Forward/reverse feed positions mounts over feed table

Also standard is the clutchless PTO system. This allows the operator to engage the cutter without using a traditional slip clutch or idler pulley, and without sliding the engine.

To further improve safety and operator efficiency, Vermeer have included their SmartFeed system technology into the BC1000XL.

This technology is designed to reduce strain on engine parts while the control system sensors monitor engine RPM and can automatically stop and reverse the feed roller when dealing with larger, hardwood material.

Vermeer BC1000XL Specifications

Engine Cummins 3.3L Tier 4
Horsepower 74 (55.2kW)
Chipping Capacity 30.5cm
Feed Speed 32m/min
Fuel Tank 94.6L
Hydraulic Tank 26.5L
Clutch Drive Engagement Belt tensioner
Drum Speed 2000rpm
Drum Diameter 50.8cm
Knives 2
Knife Thickness 1.6cm

Vermeer BC1000XL Price

One of the benefits of the Vermeer BC1000XL is that they have a long lifespan. This means it’s not hard to find a great second-hand machine online. You can expect to pay anywhere between $20,000 and $30,000 for a good condition, used BC1000XL. Of course, newer, barely used models with accessories will cost a bit more, going from $35,000 to $55,000^.

If you’re in need of a reliable wood chipper or shredder for your project, see what Vermeer BC1000XLs are available here.

*In more recent models, engine and other components can vary. Always compare specs before purchasing.

^Prices are based on averages from www.machines4u.com.au and should be taken as a guide only. Always discuss price with the dealer before purchasing.

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