Eval Motorcycles Build Custom Bike With PlasmaCAM CNC

About a year ago, MetalForm Group introduced Eval Motorcycles to the PlasmaCAM CNC cutting system to help make a few custom parts. We checked in to see how the Eval crew feels about the machine now that the initial flush of excitement has worn off. Turns out they built a whole motorbike with it.

We recently shared a review of the PlasmaCAM from Metal Form and Eval Motorcycles and this got us wondering: a lot of machines are great when they’re brand new but the real test comes with time. So we decided to catch up with William from Eval Motorcycles, to see how he’s feeling about the PlasmaCAM after having it in his workshop for the last year.

What was life in your workshop like before the PlasmaCAM?

Before we had the PlasmaCAM it would take at least 3-4 times longer to create and manufacture even the smallest bracket. There was also a lot more material wastage.

What made you decide to get the machine?

We were making more and more of the same brackets and items for our custom motorcycle builds, by having the PlasmaCAM we were able to save the item once it was created and cut out as many as we liked when required, saving ourselves a lot of time.

Once you learn how to use an easy CAD profile system that you can draw with, you can turn something that would take an hour at the bench, to [something that takes only] a few seconds to cut out with the machine. And if you want ten of them, you can make ten of them. It’s pretty simple.Billy Ayres, Eval Motorcycles

It’s been nearly a year since your video testimonial – has your use of the machine evolved much since then?

Yes over the past year we built a complete custom motorcycle using the PlasmaCAM, we made over 200 individual items that were all created/designed and cut in house on our machine. We completed the bike and debuted it at the Mooneyes Custom Hit Rod Show in Japan, last December, getting great recognition.

Eval Upheval Motorcycle Admired in Japan

Image Credit: Eval Motorcycles

How well has the PlasmaCAM CNC machine aged? Are you still happy with it?

The machine has been, and is still, working well. The more experience we have the better and easier it has been to use.

It’s endless what you can make with the [PlasmaCAM CNC] machine.Billy Ayres, Eval Motorcycles

What kind of support have you had from MetalForm? (during the purchasing process and since)

MetalForm have been great, Maurice and Urs have been brilliant to deal with. Urs is always very helpful and he is extremely good at teaching the operations and set up of the machine over the phone.

Eval Motorcycles Build a Custom Bike With The PlasmaCAM CNC Cutting System
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Eval Motorcycles Build a Custom Bike With The PlasmaCAM CNC Cutting System
About a year ago, Metal Form Group introduced Eval Motorcycles to the PlasmaCAM CNC cutting system. Turns out they built a motorbike with it.
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