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Against all odds during a global pandemic, lengthy stock delays and sporadic lockdowns, an Australian forklift company has recently experienced rapid growth. This growth has allowed them to expand Australia-wide, provide up to 5-year warranties on new forklifts and launch a new brand of budget-friendly forklifts, all of which is great news for Aussie consumers.

Forklifts Direct is an Australian owned and operated forklift company that sells new and used lithium electric, rough terrain, diesel, LPG, and articulated forklifts. 

In addition to their wide range of forklifts, they also sell various warehousing equipment that includes pallet movers, pallet stackers, order pickers and reach trucks, all powered by lithium electric batteries.

Their Recent Growth

Forklifts Direct Managing Director, David Clayton, says the business has grown very rapidly.

“We have grown from supplying LPG and diesel forklifts to now having the widest range of zero-emission lithium electric forklifts available for sale and contract rentals in Australia. Lithium electric forklifts are now replacing the environmentally damaging LPG and diesel forklifts currently in use around Australia.”

“With the recent addition of global financier De Lage Landen, we can cater for any size rental fleet application in Australia,” David adds.

Forklifts Direct’s rapid growth has allowed for an upgrade to a much larger warehouse, creating more space to hold floor stock. 

In addition to the increased quantity output, their delivery capabilities have also grown. Using their network of suppliers, they can easily source and deliver the right forklift for any customer around Australia. 

Xtreme Brand Launch

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Leveraging their recent growth, Forklifts Direct recently launched a new brand under their group banner. Xtreme Forklifts was created with the budget-friendly consumer in mind, providing them with a product of quality without an extreme price. 

David stated, “Our newly released Xtreme Forklifts are targeted towards the price-conscious buyer who still requires a quality product and wishes to qualify for our nationwide 5-year warranty. The range provides products for warehousing, logistics, transport, wineries and general industry”. 

The Xtreme brand’s range focuses on new products that include lithium electric, 2WD and 4WD rough terrain, diesel, LPG, and articulated forklifts. Available from Xtreme Forklifts are also pallet movers, reach trucks, order pickers and pallet stackers, all powered by lithium electric batteries like their counterparts at Forklifts Direct.

Along with their range of lithium electric forklifts, the company has also found success in their rough terrain offerings. 

“Our newly released Xtreme 2WD and 4WD rough terrain forklifts have capacities ranging from 2.5 to 5 ton. They are available Australia-wide from Forklifts Direct, including 5-year warranty on all new purchases. They are fitted with Yanmar diesel engines to ensure both reliability and performance,” says David.

2022 will see the commencement of the national expansion of the Xtreme brand, with delivery available across Australia.

The Power of Lithium Electric Forklifts

Lithium electric forklifts are set to take over the industry with their wide range of benefits, including:

  • Zero emissions
  • Fast charge times
  • Top-up charging capabilities
  • Maintenance-free batteries 
  • Quieter operation 

Forklifts Direct has various lithium electric forklifts in stock now. 

“We have the largest range of lithium electric products available in Australia, including global first-tier suppliers BYD, IMOW, Heli, Hangcha, EP, MIMA and NaLIFT,” says David. 

“These forklifts are perfect for the food and wine industries as the zero-emissions aspect of these forklifts allow for them to be used without producing any hazardous fumes. The transport industry is seriously integrating electric trucks into their fleet – and now lithium electric forklifts from Forklifts Direct can be added to their fleets.”


Forklifts Direct offers up to 5 years warranty on all of their new forklifts, with options available for selected used forklifts. This warranty helps to provide customers with peace of mind, so that when they buy a forklift, they know they will be looked after. 

One of the highlights of the warranty is it allows the customer to choose any qualified mechanic as their service provider. This means they do not have to sign any lock-in contracts and can have the flexibility of choosing the service provider that best suits them. 

See what Forklifts Direct has available here.

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