• June 12, 2016
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Review: Frima VarioCooking Center 112L

Review: Frima VarioCooking Center 112L

Frima 112L: The Introduction

Cooking has always been fun for most of us though the process itself has never been as efficient as the one we enjoy today. With the abundance of so many kitchen and food servicing equipment, one can even say that we’re at a point when we’re able to do so much more than what we’ve initially intended. Which is never a bad thing for foodies and those people like me who just simply love their kitchens. In today’s review, we’ll explore a creative concept from Frima and try to gauge how their brand new commercial cooker would fair against the market and how it can add a new dimension to our everyday kitchen routine. Here’s our review of the Frima VarioCooking Center 112L.

Frima 112L: Key Features

Multifunctional design

The design of the 112L countertop cooker is one of the best and most ergonomic I’ve seen. The Frima equipment allows multi-tasking, and the surface provides a lot of room to operate for food preparation and garnishing. The new cooking centre can also essentially replace kettles, bratt pans, griddles, large pots and fryers thanks to its multipurpose build. In addition, it can also be used to deep fry, boil, and confit providing an all-around functionality and reliability in the kitchen.

Great user experience

As I’ve mentioned, one of the most promising thing about the 112L is the design of the whole equipment itself. The nifty countertop unit boasts an exquisite look that should seamlessly complement most existing kitchen themes and setups. The height of the pan base has been ergonomically designed in order to make it easy for chefs to work with, which is an important benefit compared to tilting pans or other multifunctional appliances.

Innovative and reliable

One of the things that I really loved about the new VarioCooking Center 112L is the equipment’s overnight cooking function that creates additional capacity by cooking without supervision, allowing the whole crew to do more and manage their kitchen works more efficiently. In addition, the professional cooker’s control system will even notify the staff when pan foods need turning, while the machine itself regulates precision and temperature so that the food will not risk being burnt.

Versatile build

According to Frima themselves, the 112L is largely based on the demands of their customers, thus, filling the gap in their VarioCooking Centerline. The new unit answers the need for a 50 litre Frima VarioCooking centre while also delivering on the call to keep the option of having two pans, so that the operators will have superior flexibility and efficiency in the kitchen.

Frima 112L: Price

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Frima 112L: Videos

Frima 112L: The Verdict

The Frima VarioCooking Center 112L is a very good equipment that understands the key factors that would make any kitchen operation successful and efficient. The controls are superb, and the machine itself is truly designed for larger operations and precise delivery. Even the design seems to be on a level of its own, both for its beautiful exterior and the components that drive the machine from within. Overall, the VarioCooking Center 112L would extend your budget a bit, but the upsides look promising and would definitely make the premium all worth it.

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