• April 2, 2019
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Giving Our Farmers A Helping Hand At Henty Field Days

Giving Our Farmers A Helping Hand At Henty Field Days

Last September, Machines4U attended the famous Henty Machinery Field Days expo. It’s a huge few days filled with the latest in machinery and farm equipment, outdoor products, camping products, country lifestyle products, entertainment and much more.

The event is mainly for farmers to come out and see the latest in technology, equipment and chat with others within the industry.

With so much coverage in the media, it’s no secret our farmers are doing it pretty tough out there. So, we decided we would do what we can to help throughout the event.

The Campaign

To do this, Machines4U signed up to champion RuralAid’s Buy A Bale campaign.

Steve Krebs, Machines4U director, said he felt passionate about choosing the right charity. “We chose Buy A Bale because we wanted to support farmers in need during the drought, as well as support our dealers and customers in the farming industry. We felt this was a great charity that matched our passion for the cause.”

Funds raised through Buy A Bale go towards hay bales and other critical necessities, like water and groceries, delivered to farmers in need.

“Henty itself was in drought at the time and so the team saw first-hand the effects of the issue and spoke to many at the event who were doing it tough themselves.” Added Steve.

Through our fundraising efforts throughout the event, we were able to raise approx. $3000, including our own corporate donation of $500.

What The Campaign Meant For Our Farmers

forklift loading hay onto truck - buy a bale
Buy A Bale volunteers loading trucks with bales of hay. Image source: buyabale.com.au

We spoke to RuralAid general manager, Wayne Thomson, to see what the raised funds mean for farmers in need.

“The smallest contribution makes the biggest impact,” said Wayne. “The $3000 raised by Machines4U means fresh water load deliveries for 10 farmers, or grocery vouchers for 15 farmers. Some have gone months without fresh groceries—your contribution means 15 families have access to apples, bread, tomatoes… fresh, uncanned food. And that means everything to them.”

It was easy to see how passionate Wayne is about the cause, which further cemented our choice in championing RuralAid through their Buy A Bale campaign.

“For those who can’t give their time or spare change, even something as small as a heartfelt written letter can play a huge part in lifting their spirits. Just to let them know we care and the community is rallying behind them makes a great impact,” said Wayne.

We’re proud to help raise money for this amazing cause. And with 6500 registered farmers requesting help (growing every day), at Machines4U we’ll continue to support them however we can.

Want to Help?

Our industry is full of amazing people willing to reach out and help one another. Rural Aid need volunteers willing to donate their time for some upcoming events. Head to www.farmrescue.com.au to see how you can donate your time to make a difference.

Otherwise, if you can’t give your time but you’d like to help in whatever way you can (like sending a letter to a farmer), send an enquiry through to Rural Aid or you can make a donation here.

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