• November 19, 2018
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Your Guide to the Cat 302 CR Mini Excavator

Your Guide to the Cat 302 CR Mini Excavator

When you need power and performance in a compact size, you can’t go past the Cat 302 CR mini excavator. New to the market, this model is one of the new Caterpillar Next Generation mini excavator series.

Unveiled at the National Construction Equipment Convention (NCEC) in November 2018, the Cat 302 CR is the largest of the fleet. It is a 2-tonne class, with compact radius and comes with either a canopy or cab. According to Caterpillar, it will provide users with the best performance, safety and affordability.

“This product is inspired by our customers”

— Mark Perkes, Caterpillar Product Specialist


Cat 302 CR Industry-First Standard Features

Firstly, Caterpillar has included industry-first standard features in all new Next Generation models, including:

  • Joystick steering (Stick Steer)
  • Tilt-up canopy/cab
  • Automatic two-speed travel

As well as new options:

  • Bluetooth-enabled push-to-start function
  • Expandable undercarriage (from 1090mm to 1400mm)
  • Air conditioning

A quick overview:

  • Dig Depth (Standard): 2370mm
  • Dig Depth (Long): 2570mm
  • Min. Weight: 2045kg
  • Max. Weight: 2200kg

Now we’ve had a very quick run-down, let’s look at the main design updates.

In the Cab

The cab/canopy is where all the work happens, so we thought we’d feature the cab improvements first.


Whether you choose canopy or cab, you’ll be comfortable thanks to a few new improvements. As an industry-first, Cat have added air conditioning to their mini excavator cabs. They also include adjustable wrist rests and an optional suspension seat will ensure your comfort all day long.


The Cat 302 CR is also super easy to operate. You’ll get around the worksite much faster with the Stick Steer control option, so you can easily switch from lever/pedal controls to joystick control. All with the push of a button. Less effort, better handling!

Caterpillar have also taken machinery control to the next level with their Next Generation LCD monitor. Get critical info fast, in a clear and simple format, so you can make decisions faster. 

All this, while still lowering operating costs. The Cat 302 CR features auto idle, auto engine shutdown and efficient hydraulics, so your 302 CR runs better for longer.


Your safety is assured in the 302 CR thanks to plenty of built-in features. Courtesy work lights, a fluorescent retractable seat belt and protective structures (ROPS, TOPS and Top Guard Level II) are all designed to keep you safe.


Don’t let its compact size fool you. The Cat 302 CR mini excavator is built for big performance. Strong lift and dig power helps get the job done faster. Accessing tight worksites is no longer a problem, thanks to its compact radius design and retractable undercarriage.


One of the main points of focus for Caterpillar was better serviceability. So, they designed the Next Generation mini excavators to ensure simple servicing for less downtime. Now, maintenance is quick and easy with:

  • Routine check points accessible at ground level
  • Unique tilt-up cab gives access to hydraulics
  • Gas strut ensures accessibility is fast (under 5 minutes) & requires just 1 service tech

Cat 302 CR Mini Excavator Specs

Engine Weights
Engine Model C1.1 Minimum Operating Weight with Canopy* 1945 kg 4288 lb
Net Power @ 2,400 rpm Maximum Operating Weight with Canopy** 2100 kg 4630 lb
ISO 9249/EEC 80/1269 14.3 kW 19.2 hp Minimum Operating Weight with Cab 2045 kg 4508 lb
Gross Power Maximum Operating Weight with Cab 2200 kg 4850 lb
ISO 14396 16.1 kW 21.6 hp * Minimum Weight is based on rubber tracks, canopy, operator, fixed undercarriage and full fuel tank.
Bore 77.0 mm 3.0 in ** Maximum Weight is based on steel tracks, canopy, operator, expandable undercarriage and full fuel tank.
Stroke 81.0 mm 3.2 in
Displacement 1.1 L 69.0 in3
Weight Increase from Minimum Configuration Cab
Cab 100 kg 221 lb
Long Stick 10 kg 22 lb
Steel Tracks 60 kg 132 lb

Have you had a chance to check out the Caterpillar 302 CR? Tell us about it below or take a look at mini excavators for sale.

Read more about the Next Generation Caterpillar mini excavators, or check out their other models:

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