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Review: Hafco AL-320G Bench Lathe by Thomas Lee Harris on November 23, 2015

Review: Hafco AL-320G Bench Lathe by Thomas Lee Harris on November 23, 2015

Hafco AL-320G: The Introduction

If you’re a regular visitor of our site, you probably know that we get review requests on a regular basis and we make it a point to give a helping hand and deliver unbiased product analysis. This is our own little way of helping consumers get the right stuff that gives value for money! Now, a couple of days ago, you might remember that we did a review where Colchester Master 2500 Metal Lathe and we went to the littlest detail to make sure that the manufacturer’s claims were accurate or wildly exaggerated. We’re going to do another one today, but this time it’s the Colchester units competitor: the Hafco AL-320G. Read on to find out if it’s good to buy or the exact opposite.

Hafco AL-320G: Key Features

Hardened Bed 

A bench lathe bed plays a crucial role when it comes to cutting metal and accomplishing fabrication as well as the repair of the necessary parts. The good news is the AL-320G’s lathe bed is no ordinary one because it’s made of hardened materials that can help you with the tasks that are at hand.

Adjustable spindle bearings

The AL-320G comes with adjustable spindle bearings that can be handy when it comes to achieving the right angle when cutting metal regardless of the type of material. So whether you’re going to cut aluminum, stainless steel, or basically any metal that is used in metal fabrication, this Hafco product is just the thing for you.

Sturdy headstock

The headstock is essential to metal cutting since it stores the necessary components for the whole process to work. For this reason, it should be sturdy enough to induce the proper vibrations that are necessary to achieve the desired product. The Hafco guys made sure that this aspect is covered; plus, they added a little bonus: they made sure that its robust enough to withstand the test of time and usage. With this, you can be sure that you’ll obtain something that you can use for a very long time.

Quick action tailstock locking lever

The Hefco AL-320G is armed with a quick action tailstock locking lever, which ensures that a solid grip is achieved when cutting or drilling metal materials. This not only enhances overall quality, it also acts a safety feature because it ensures that the tailstock won’t slip even if intense pressure is applied.

High impact safety chuck guard

The mentioned metal lathe comes with chuck jaws that are specifically numbered so as to ensure ease of use. Aside from this, it comes with a safety chuck guard to give ample user protection.

Easy-to-understand booklet

Whether we admit it or not, understanding the uses as well as the features of a new equipment can be quite a challenge. This is not the case when to the the AL-320G and (Hefco products in general) because it comes with an easy-to-understand booklet that contains essential information about the product. With this, it won’t be too long until you grasp its features and use its full potential.

Hafco AL-320G: Price

New: 2,450 AUD

Hafco AL-320G: Videos

No videos available.

Hafco AL-320G: The Verdict

All in all, we can say that the Hafco AL-320G is a decent Bench Lathe that can deliver satisfactory results. On the other hand, we were looking for the X-factor that can trump its competition, but since it’s not on this particular model; it’s safe to say that it may take quite some time the company separates itself from the pack. And while this particular product didn’t get our two-thumbs up, we feel that it won’t be long until this particular model will make a splash and offer an exhilarating feature that will change the bench lathe landscape. The potential is already there and it basically boils down to tapping it and unlocking its true value!

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