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Being able to customise your workholding equipment by ordering bespoke pieces from the manufacturer is more than a little handy.  Joining the likes of WikiHouse and other open-source design sites, German firm Hainbuch have taken their customisation a step further, creating an online resource for customers to build their own tailored workholding solution.

Hainbuch have been leading innovation in workholding solutions for 60 years, and pride themselves on employing a mixture of tradition and technology to create new clamping solutions for their clients. Now, via their PARTcommunity initiative, clients can access a range of existing Hainbuch CAD designs, and adjust to create their own. Using the CAD system, customers are able to test their solutions and visualise possible stopping-points before sending off the design for manufacture. This ability to create the perfect solution for the exact needs of the client, and placing the control in the hands of the client, means that Hainbuch saves time while offering clients the ultimate in customisation.

Hainbuch CAD

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Customers are also set to save some serious cash, by measuring and testing clearances of the solution for ordering; removing a large amount of trial-and-error, and in turn, wastage.

“Our staff spend considerable time walking customers through the process of building their specific solution,” says Hainbuch UK managing director, Mr Nick Peter. “With the new on-line system, we can talk customers through the process via the website whilst giving a visual indication of the solution. More experienced engineers can competently build their own solution.”

Ever on the lookout for new ways to increase efficiencies for themselves and for their clients, Mr Peter goes on to say:

“The new PARTcommunity portal will provide an on-line quoting service that will streamline and speed up the process for both end users and internal staff. We are often asked to generate CAD models for machine tool builders; with the new CAD package machine tool builders can build a suitable workholding solution with their prospective customers.”

Hainbuch have also provided customers with a cache of tools such as videos, manuals, ISO certificates and more to download. You can access those here.

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Hainbuch gives power to clients with online CAD modelling solution
German firm Hainbuch have created an online resource for customers to build their own tailored workholding solution using CAD designs.
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