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Review: Hercus 260 ATM Bench Lathe

Review: Hercus 260 ATM Bench Lathe

Hercus 260: The introduction

If you find metalworking as a fascinating art and you’re looking to make it a full-time profession, then you should bear in mind that you can achieve this, but you need to say, arm yourself with the right tools, equipment, and machinery. Otherwise, you’ll just waste your time and effort, which is a “no-no” when doing business because here, time is gold or should I say money. Now, if you’re still in the hunt for that tool, equipment, or machinery that can serve as your “X-factor” then you should seriously consider investing in a lathe in a mould of a Hercus 260 ATM Bench Lathe. You can say that getting a hold of this is easy, especially if you’re in the Bayswater North area due to the presence of Newmac Equipment Pty Ltd, and other suppliers. But why do you need this equipment in the first place? You ask. Well, a quick look at its key features can help you understand why it’s important.

Hercus 260: Key features

Wide range of models

Getting the right one that will perfectly complement your needs, preference, and budget is easy with the Hercus 260 because it comes in three basic models and all of them are readily available with bearings, long or standard bed series, or plain.

Precision guaranteed 

It is safe to say that the Hercus 260 is a cut above the rest when it comes to precision because it is specifically built with accuracy and workmanship in mind. On top of this, the principles of compactness and safety were also put into consideration; as such, it’s just perfect for industrial purposes.

Time-saving and easy to use

The mentioned equipment comes with a quick change gearbox as well as a power feed apron. The former allows a quick and straightforward collection of feed rates or screw threads; the latter on the other hand can be utilised to engage the leadscrew keyway or the leadscrew thread.

Superb safety features

Safety is a little something that shouldn’t be neglected when doing metal working and the Hercus engineers had this in mind when they developed the Hercus 260. It is packed with chip guards that automatically interlocks with existing electrical circuits that hinders its starting when the guard is not locked.

Made from the finest materials

The Hercus 260 and a myriad of other Hercus products are made from the finest materials that is why you can be sure that you’ll have something that can withstand the test of time and wear and tear damages that may accumulate due to constant use. Plus, you don’t have to worry about constant maintenance because it is designed to perform well even for extended periods.

Hercus 260: Price

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Hercus 260: Videos

Hercus 260: The verdict

If you want to turn your metal working passion into a money-making endeavor, then the Hercus 260 is the perfect investment that can help you jump start it up and bring it to places. Aside from the mentioned features, using the said lathe is not rocket science and you can easily get a hold of its notable features in no time at all–all these–without compromising the quality of your finished products. In the end, you’ll have something that can help you make an impact in the market scene without burning a hole in your pocket.

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