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Review: Hobart Ecomax X602 Single Phase Dishwasher

Review: Hobart Ecomax X602 Single Phase Dishwasher

Hobart Ecomax X602: The Introduction

The kitchen is more often than not, one of the busiest places on Earth. It really doesn’t matter if it’s a commercial or your personal workspace; the fact of the matter is every normal person who’s leading a (somewhat) normal daily routine goes through the kitchen at least once every day. But while that’s just a rough estimate, the subject of our catering equipment review for today seems to feature some pretty impressive numbers and specs that should be a welcome addition to the growing range of commercial dishwashers in the market: the Hobart Ecomax X602 Dishwasher.

Hobart Ecomax X602: Key Features

Easy to use

There’s probably not a lot of things that would be more frustrating than dealing with a dishwasher that’s poorly built and is slowing down your whole operation in the midst of a hectic day in the kitchen. The good thing is that Ecomax X602 has been built to last and to endure the daily grind of commercial kitchens. In addition, the simple equipment makes operator access and simpler with the help of its ergonomic design and nicely accessible service points and controls.

Versatile set-up

The kitchen area can crowd up pretty fast. In fact, space management is something that most operators tend to struggle with during the early weeks of their business’ operation. So having an all-in-one dishwasher that not only makes every related task or application a notch easier and more efficient, it saves up valuable space that can be used to house other key equipment. This also serves as a great way to set up or prepare for your shop’s growth. And of course, a nifty tool that’s suitable for all dish and glass washing application is always a great plus and investment to have.

High-quality build

The dishwasher is usually the most worn out equipment we have in our kitchen and while that’s not a secret, there is still a few equipment that tends to show wear and tear very early on in their tenure. But enter Hobart Ecomax X602 Dishwasher and you’ll be treated with a high-quality build using the market-leading components and stainless steel frame that ensures the dishwasher’s durability will be up there along with the demand of your kitchen.

Sustainable and efficient

For an equipment that’s dedicated to cleaning other materials, the Ecomax X602 does a pretty good job of keeping itself well-maintained and well-conditioned. The hygienic and ergonomic build keep the heavy-duty dishwasher always ready for another day in the workplace. In addition, the Ecomax has been fully enclosed with a 4-sided hood design in order to avoid loss of energy and steam, while a backflow prevention device has also been installed to meet Watermark Approval & ATS 5200.101.

Hobart Ecomax X602: Price

New: $5,379 (GST Inclusive)

Hobart Ecomax X602: Video

No videos available.

Hobart Ecomax X602: The Verdict

The new Hobart Ecomax X602 Dishwasher offers a straightforward solution for your equipment cleaning and maintenance needs in your food-servicing business. The X602 features some of the most important aspects you can ask for in a dishwasher and I personally like how there’s very little gimmick that goes with that. There’s also no outlandish components to strip away, which means that the operator is guaranteed to get what they need from the Ecomax right off the bat. Rounding up, the Hobart Ecomax X602 serves as a great choice for owners who wants to get every bit of their money’s worth and invest in something that’s truly good for the long haul.

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