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Review: Honda EU70IS Portable Generator

Review: Honda EU70IS Portable Generator

Honda EU70IS Portable Generator: The introduction

Whether it is used as a backup power supply in times of an outage or just for recreational activities like picnics, a portable generator is really important. In some ways, it can even be considered a necessity that cannot be neglected. Now, it should be noted that those that are out on the market are not created equal and some are equipped with the necessary features for non-stop power delivery, while others focus on running watts and may not deliver the right amount of power. With this in mind, you may want to check out some brands and models first before you go ahead and get your own. If that’s the case, stick around and see whether the Honda EU70is portable generator is for you.

Honda EU70IS Portable Generator: Key features

Increased fuel efficiency

Honda has yet again outdone themselves with their latest Electronic Fuel Injection system that they have installed in the EU70is. This is actually the first Honda generator to have this system which will greatly increase fuel efficiency and eliminate any messy fuel gunk that may be stuck in the carburetor. This means less hassle for us and more time for it to be put to work.

Another good news for us is the fact that this generator can run for up to 18 hours on a single tank of fuel! That will certainly keep our back pockets full. It also runs on unleaded fuel in a sealed tank which prevents it from going stale from sitting idle for long periods of time.

Smooth power flow

The sine-wave inverter technology developed by the company enables the EU70is to provide and sustain power for frequency and voltage fluctuation-sensitive equipment. This means that it will be safe for us to use this generator to charge up our laptop computers, tablets, and handheld devices as well as to provide home backup electricity.

Quiet hum

Noisy generators always get in our nerves, but this one is different. With its innovative separate triple chamber construction, the noise levels of the EU70is is only 52dB(A) which makes it the quietest generator in its class. With this, we will not be annoyed and irritated every time we use this generator.

i-Monitor technology

I know we already have a lot of i-products on the market today but Honda added one more. This i-Monitor is a liquid crystal display which provides users with information about the generator’s performance. You can benefit from long-term cost savings with this innovation plus the low oil alert system that protects its engine for easy maintenance.

Easy to use

You don’t need to over exert yourself with moving, storing, or transporting this portable generator because of its two-push “H” shaped fold down handle and large diameter wheels. If you need it for any kind of purpose, you can easily move it with ease with its relatively lightweight body of 118 kg. Aside from that, the EU70is starts first time, every time with the convenient electric start and back-up recoil start button. This helps to deliver a reliable and “better than commercial quality” electricity.

Varied standards

Based on the Gold Coast Generators website, the EU70is comes with a number of standard features that include a volt meter, a fuel gauge, an AC circuit breaker, an auto eco-throttle, a large capacity air cleaner, a large capacity muffler, and a pilot lamp which will optimize the effectiveness and efficiency of this generator.

Honda EU70IS Portable Generator: Price

New: $5,726 AUD ($6,299 GST Inclusive)

Honda EU70IS Portable Generator: Videos

No videos available

Honda EU70IS Portable Generator: The verdict

Given all the numerous outstanding features that the EU70is has, it is safe to say that it is one of the most innovative and efficient portable generator on the market. Although the price may be considered a bit steep compared to others, you will still be able to save more money in the future with its use. This is the kind of generator you can use to set up your parties, or bring on your outings, or even just to use at home when the need arises. The Honda EU70is is definitely perfect for any type of application.

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