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Review: Husqvarna PZT54 Ride On Mower

Review: Husqvarna PZT54 Ride On Mower

Husqvarna PZT54: The introduction

A lawn-mower is “must-have” equipment if you want to maintain a lush and appealing lawn all year round. With this, you can maintain the mentioned attributes with less effort. If you’re seriously contemplating of purchasing your own lawnmower, then don’t just go for any model. Go for something that can take productivity and efficiency to a whole new level. Something in the mould of a Husqvarna PZT54 Ride On Mower. Why this one? You ask. There are a plethora of reasons and some of them are elaborated in detail below.

Husqvarna PZT54: Key features

Productivity and efficiency

You can say that improving productivity and efficiency is the Husqvarna PZT54’s cup of tea. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your landscape, clear snow or lift heavy objects, this equipment can do you good. Big time! Plus, there are a number of attachments out there that can be utilised to help you in your mowing needs.

Comfortable control

Like many Husqvarna ride on mowers, the PZT54 comes with a cutting-edge pedal-operated hydrostatic transmission system. This allows you to maintain both hands on the steering wheel. And at the same time, adjust your direction as well as speed with foot pedals. On top of this, it also comes with exceptionally designed gauges and controls. They can be easily accessed from the driver’s seat. From sliding, to cruise control, to sliding, everything can be accessed in a jiffy.


If you think that mowing can’t be fun, then think again. This fully-capable mower come with several attachments. This means that you can inject a sense fun of into this seemingly boring task. Some of the attachments that you can use are snow blades, dump carts, spreaders, and brooms, among others.

Built for the long haul

If durability is your thing, then this piece of equipment is just the machinery for you. It is made from the finest materials that can withstand years and years of use and outdoor elements. It comes with a reinforced cutting deck that drastically improves durability. Regardless if there are intense heat or heavy snow in your area, you can still perform lawn-mowing tasks without worrying about a thing. This is because this ride-on mower won’t budge.

Easy to clean and maintain 

Cleaning your PZT54 is easy thanks to its Rapid Replace blade system. This allows the cutting blades to be quickly and easily replaced without the use of tools. Plus, it comes with a built-water hose that allows you to clean the deck with ease. This allows you to boost corrosion resistance, durability, and more.

Husqvarna PZT54: Price

New – $11,818.00 AUD ($13,000.00 GST Inclusive)

Husqvarna PZT54: Videos

No videos available.

Husqvarna PZT54: The verdict

The verdict is out on the Husqvarna PZT54 Ride On Mower. And it is safe to say that it’s one of the finest ride on mowers out on the market. You can say that it has the perfect mix of productivity, durability, comfort, and easy maintenance, among other things. Putting all these into consideration, you can say that it can help you achieve a number of tasks without the fuss. However, one thing we’ve noticed about it is it tends to be quite noisy at times, especially when the temperature is cold and it’s revved. Despite this, it is a worthwhile buy that can help you, big time!


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