This month serves up a tasty buffet of futuristic innovation and noteworthy events for both the consumer and commercial catering sectors…

1. New Technologies Expected to Reshape the Food Industry in 2017

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The food industry has been home to some of the most successful markets during the better half of the last decade, due to the presence of modern catering equipment innovations which prioritise efficiency and quality in ways never seen before. But aside from smart appliances, industry experts expect online booking systems, social media platforms, and EPOS to all play a bigger role in 2017 and beyond. Catch the rest of 2017’s transformative solutions at

2. AAR’s Containerised Kitchen Lands Presidential Inauguration Gig

A couple of AAR Mobility System’s containerised kitchens are headed to Washington, DC. According to reports, they are going to be used by the National Guard to serve meals to active and reserve soldiers who are headed to the field on the 58th Presidential Ceremony. Company execs expressed their excitement on showcasing their premiere products as well as their core capabilities when it comes to supporting military and mobile applications. Take a look at this slick mobile kitchen setup at

3. TNA Solutions to Celebrate Its 35th Year at Auspack

TNA Solutions will be back in Sydney for this year’s Auspack expo, and they’ll be bringing all of their latest third-generation technologies along for the ride. TNA will not only showcase their leading equipment designs but also be celebrating their 35th anniversary. With its base located at Sydney’s Olympic Park, this might be a grand homecoming for this well-respected Australian company. Auspack attendees who want to find out what’s in store for them can check out

4. Whirlpool Unveils State-of-the-Art Smart Scan-to-Cook Oven

As strange as it sounds, heating frozen meals can be a real challenge for some, which explains why Whirlpool, a multinational home appliance company, is set to release a Wi-Fi enabled oven range to take the guesswork out of the equation this summer. Innovative in more ways than one, this domestic machine is supplemented by an interesting companion—an Android and iOS app. Most notably, it includes an idiot-proof, scan-to-cook feature that can save users from the pain of overcooking pizzas, pies, and other goodies. Check out the full run-down at

5. JLA to Bolster Industry Standing with New Pizza Ovens

In the world of pizza, JLA is a celebrated entity that is known for their market-leading ovens. This year they aim to solidify a growing commitment to their catering equipment range with the launch of a new single and twin-deck pizza oven range. These machines will be available on JLA’s total Care Plan, which reportedly comes with excellent after-sales and technical support, along with a no-capital outlay or repair bills privilege. To learn more about JLA’s latest products, check out

6. Angelo Po Launches New Equipment at Exclusive Event

In front of more than a hundred food and beverage (F&B) operators, executive chefs, commercial kitchen designers, and senior hoteliers, among others, Angelo Po—a firm that has been operating for 90 years—took center stage to showcase their brand new modular cooling system, the Icon 9000. Hosted by Catering News and held at Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort & Spa at Dubai, guests were treated with an array of dishes that were prepared using Angelo Po’s latest equipment. Aside from being a sumptuous feast, it also proved to be an enlightening night as industry insights from some of the best in the business, including celebrity chef, Gary Rhodes were shared. For a full round-up of that phenomenal night, head over to

7. Grand Cuisine Unveils ‘Hidden Gem’ with Its New Induction Cooker

Grand Cuisine’s new Adventys Induc Stone, in itself, is already a thing of beauty. But despite being on top of the food chain with regard to aesthetics, the world’s first professional cooking system for exclusive homes understands that some of us tend to be reluctant to change our existing kitchen theme to accommodate new equipment. However that may be a thing of the past, thanks to the versatile Induc Stone that can be placed beneath alluring marble, granite, and natural stone countertops. Get a closer look at Grand Cuisine’s new and ‘discreet’ solution here:

8. Hello Egg and Other ‘Smart’ Kitchen Gadgets to Look Out For in 2017

Hello Egg, a futuristic device that can help you plan your meal and order your food, leads this year’s fascinating list of small, but incredibly useful gadgets that can give you some crafty kitchen skills to show-off to your mates. Other gizmos include those that can cut down your food waste, assist you to master the art of tea preparation, help you grow your own herbs and vegetables without gardening, and more. Here’s Popsugar’s full list of devices that can bring your kitchen to life in 2017.

January 2017 Catering News Roundup
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January 2017 Catering News Roundup
This month serves up a tasty buffet of futuristic innovation and noteworthy events for both the consumer and commercial catering sectors...
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